How to spell SU correctly?

We think the word su is a misspelling. It could be just an incorrect spelling of the words which are suggested below. Review the list and pick the word which you think is the most suitable.

List of suggestions on how to spell su correctly

  • au "And now, my dear Mrs Burr, I will not say good-bye, but au revoir.
  • cu Then he took a light from the altar, and conducted them to the azoteas, and down into the court-yard, from whence they entered a hall leading on into the Cu.
  • eu 285 Se ella o tomou por si que culpa lhe tenho eu?
  • gu Tha dorus mor air ma choinneamh 'n-otraich 'Us cloidhean oir air ga chumail glaist Tha uinneag chinn air ma choinneamh 'n teintean 'Us screen side oirre 'dh-fhodar glas; Tha'n ceann a bhan deth o bheul an fhalais A deanamh baithach air son a chruidh 'S gur cubhraidh am faladh a thig gu laidir O leid, na batha 'sa ghamhuinn duibh.
  • lu We might give him a piece, if Aunt Lu doesn't want it.
  • sa Most of them belong to a country which they call Mendi, but which is known to geographers and travellers as Kos-sa, and lies south-east of Sierra Leone; as we suppose, from sixty to one hundred and twenty miles.
  • sb KITTLING, KITTLEN, sb. kitten.
  • sc By E.J. Russell, D. Sc.
  • sd Pierre, SD, South Dakota High School Athletics Association, 1968.
  • se Faillir est vne chose humaine, se repentir divine, perseverer diabolique.
  • si "If that is how Young Si is going to treat his friends!
  • sm =caliginosa=, W. G. Sm. P. subumb.
  • sn ch n[Omega] = sn w, sh n[Omega] = i cn w (11)
  • so An' so ye're willin'-?
  • sou I won't lend him another sou!
  • ss Essex } Anno Regni Regis et Reginae Willielmi et ss. } Mariae.
  • sub This settled the Sub-Inspector.
  • sue "You'll fall," Sue said.
  • sum Is the sum a large one?"
  • sun Isn't the sun nice?
  • sup He asked me to sup with him and admire the fair recalcitrant.
  • sw Club, 24:101, May 29, type from Rancho Santa Ana, about 8 mi. SW Padilla, Rio Soto la Marina, Tamaulipas.
  • S S.W. from Lambesc is Pelissanne.
  • U Marks on lock, " U.S. Springfield.
  • Du What the divil du ye want?
  • Stu Stu. You have asked me that question before, madam; and I told you my concern was that I could not save him. Mr. Beverley is a man, madam; and if the most friendly entreaties have no effect upon him, I have no other means.
  • SF The insect immunophilin FKBP46 is a substrate of Sf caspase-1, which cleaves full length FKBP46 (~46 kDa) resulting in a ~25 kDa fragment.
  • SP Ordinarily milk has a sp.
  • ST 79, 80 Columba, St., i.
  • SQ Tottell, W., 116. Toye, Elizabeth, 111. Toye, Robert, 74 sq.
  • SUI 606, 621. -Studii sui Boschi.
  • SK Galatasaray SK Mens 1989–1990 season is the 1989–1990 basketball season for Turkish professional basketball club Galatasaray SK.
  • SJ Apostolic Prefect of British Honduras Salvatore di Pietro, SJ (10 June 1888 – 3 January 1893)
  • USU For, as the white doth outwardly disperse and scatter the rays of the sight, whereby the optic spirits are manifestly dissolved, according to the opinion of Aristotle in his problems and perspective treatises; as you may likewise perceive by experience, when you pass over mountains covered with snow, how you will complain that you cannot see well; as Xenophon writes to have happened to his men, and as Galen very largely declareth, lib. 10, de usu partium: just so the heart with excessive joy is inwardly dilated, and suffereth a manifest resolution of the vital spirits, which may go so far on that it may thereby be deprived of its nourishment, and by consequence of life itself, by this perichary or extremity of gladness, as Galen saith, lib. 12, method, lib. 5, de locis affectis, and lib. 2, de symptomatum causis.

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