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How to spell SUFFI correctly?

If you ever come across the misspelling "suffi", here are a few possible correct suggestions: "suffice", meaning to be enough or satisfactory; "suffer", indicating pain or distress; "suffused", referring to something spread or saturated with a particular quality. Remember to double-check your spellings for accuracy!

List of suggestions on how to spell suffi correctly

  • buff He was a fitness buff and worked out every day.
  • cuff The police officer decided to cuff the suspect and take him into custody.
  • duff I tried to bake a cake, but it turned out to be a complete duff.
  • guff He didn't appreciate the guff his boss gave him for being late.
  • huff She gave a huff of frustration before storming out of the room.
  • luff The sailor had to luff the sails in order to control the direction of the boat.
  • puff The smoke from his cigarette formed a puff in the air.
  • ruff The ruff around the dog's neck made him look more adorable.
  • scuff
  • snuff The waiter tried to snuff out the candles on the birthday cake but accidentally knocked it over.
  • stuff I need to organize my stuff before I start packing for my trip.
  • stuffy The air in the room became stuffy after the windows were closed.
  • suffer
  • suffice
  • suffix I always forget to add the suffix "-able" to the end of that word.
  • Sufi The Sufi mystic spent hours in quiet contemplation.
  • SUI
  • sulfa Sulfa drugs are sometimes used to treat bacterial infections.
  • surf I love to surf the waves in Hawaii.
  • surfs

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