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How to spell SUFFLING correctly?

If you are trying to type "suffling" but keep getting that red squiggly line, fear not! The correct spelling is actually "shuffling". This fun word refers to a gentle dragging or sliding of one's feet while moving. So next time you're dancing or just strolling around, remember it's all about the "sh" and not the "s"!

List of suggestions on how to spell suffling correctly

  • Muffling He put on the earmuffs for muffling the loud noise of the chainsaw.
  • Ruffling
  • Scuffling The sound of scuffling feet coming from the other room made me worry.
  • shuffling The sound of shuffling cards filled the room as we prepared for game night.
  • Snaffling I was caught snaffling cookies from the jar.
  • sniffling He was sniffling all day long because of his allergies.
  • snuffling The dog was snuffling around in the grass, searching for something to chew on.
  • stifling The hot and stuffy room felt stifling, making it difficult to breathe.
  • suffering She is suffering from a terrible headache.
  • Sufficing The undersized car was not sufficing for the road trip.
  • Suffusing She breathed in the suffusing scent of the flowers.
  • surfing I love surfing the waves on a sunny day.

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