Correct spelling for SUFIDE

We think the word sufide is a misspelling. It could be just an incorrect spelling of the words which are suggested below. Review the list and pick the word which you think is the most suitable.

Possible correct spellings for sufide

  • fade I saw the moon behind the island fade, And thought, "Oh, were I on that island there, I could find out of what the moon is made, Find out how large it is, how round, how fair!"
  • sade and fourder I maried widder frothingham shee had fore Children the holl of all there stats was short of thirteene houndred Dolors this woman groed mad shee sade shee must goue to hell goue ferting for I have fined A ganst the holey goast un pardinbell sin shee was for making way with hur selfe in three monts I got the best minister in town to Lay the gost he prayed hartey but Could Not Laye the serpent only in part shee has bin Cracey Every sence it is A wonder I am A Live two children suked hur brest-it is heretarey two Children maried now Live upon me being disorded thay beat me offen with Death Cloube & the old gost toue bad to say I be silent under serkoumstanes I mus Cout & Roum sell the one of the first plases all most in the world for I am in grat fear of my Life being taken A way such blows I have had from toue or three gost in my familey is worth twelve hundred hoxets of geamator best shougers Even A saxton to take the blows I wodent for fifty milon Dollors words cant Express the bloddey war in my familey three gosts all Noys Robing of me I must sell with tears in my Eys I Cant see to Rite Aany more fare well I say good bye
  • safe "Dere it am, safe and soun'.
  • said "But tea," said Ingeborg, following her and gesticulating, "tea, you know.
  • saved He grasped it, and he was saved.
  • side 900. Inn: H. des Voyageurs, situated on a tableland above the valley of the Sioule, covered on one side with firs.
  • sifter While the workman is bringing in the barrow, another load which has been sorted from the dump, each sifter withdraws the hooks from his bale and carries away his own box and overturns it, heaping up the broken rock or sand which remains in the bottom of it. As for the tiny particles which have slid down upon the table, the first washer-for there are as many washers as sifters-sweeps them off and in a tub nearly full of water, washes them through a sieve whose holes are smaller than the holes of the third box. When this tub has been filled with the material which has passed through the sieve, he draws out the plug to let the water run away; then he removes with a shovel that which has settled in the tub and throws it upon the table of a second washer, who washes it in a sieve with smaller holes.
  • site From Randan the road leads due E. through the woods to the hunting-seat of Maulmont, constructed by Madame Adelaide in the Gothic style, on the site of an old commandery of the Knight Templars.
  • slide In that swift drop to the main floor, and in the brief interval required to stop the car and slide the door, she endured all the agony of tightened fingers upon her throat.
  • snide There were snide businessmen who wanted Hitler even more than they wanted peace, and a mob, united by nothing-except a passion for the cruelty and the success of the Nazis.
  • squid That afternoon Billy put out in his leaky old punt to "jig" squid for bait.
  • stuffed Stuffed bodies into dungeon of castle at Irvine.
  • suede Her eyebrows had been drawn to a tidy line, and from the top of her shining head to her brown suede pumps she was exquisite with the hours of careful tending and careful dressing she gave her young body.
  • suffer "If we are killed," said Oom Jan, slowly, "our wives and children will suffer more than if we return not with the cattle."
  • suffice Elvire shall henceforth suffice to him."
  • suit There is an almost sprightliness in their conviction that what they can write in these circumstances would exactly suit any paper, daily or weekly, morning or evening.
  • suite And when Lanyard had satisfied himself there was nobody concealed in any part of Liane's suite, and had been rewarded with a glance of gratitude-"I shall lock myself in, of course," the woman said from the threshold-"and I have my pistol, too."
  • suited I am not the least bit in love with Edwin Green,-but somehow I don't think he and Melissa are suited to one another."
  • sulfide The proposed mechanism involves the electron/hole pairs created when incident light is absorbed by the cadmium sulfide followed by these reacting with water and sulfide: Production of an electron hole pair CdS + hν → e− + hole+ Reaction of electron 2e− + 2H2O → H2 + 2OH− Reaction of hole 2hole+ + S2− → S
  • sullied Both the great English parties have attacked his memory with emulous violence: for the Whigs considered him as their most barbarous enemy; and the Tories found it convenient to throw on him the blame of all the crimes which had sullied their triumph.
  • sulphide In some deposits, as in the copper deposits of Ray and Miami, there is found, below the secondary sulphide zone, a lean sulphide zone which is evidently of primary nature.
  • surfeit
  • Scuffed They were moving slowly, the girl limping slightly from a bruised heel, her sandals scuffed and dusty.
  • Sided Henry's sister Judith was already married to Frederick of Suabia, but he sided with his father-in-law, and a struggle began which lasted for ten years, and in which the Hohenstaufen brothers had not entirely the worst of it.
  • Sifted Accordingly the commitee ordered two thousand copies of it to be struck off, for these and other objects; and though the contents of it were most diligently sifted by the different opponents of the cause, they never even made an attempt to answer it.
  • Skied "Rutfords-Rutfor-r-r-r-r-ds! Go it, old Demon!-Jolly well played, Caesar!-Sky him![17]-Well skied, sir!-Ah-h-h-h! Well given-well taken!"
  • Sufi It was once worn by that Sufi you adore, Samad.
  • Snuffed The air was thick with an ill-smelling smoke, like that of a partially snuffed candle.
  • Spied At length the Barrister spied a rent book, and this was pounced upon and the vote allowed very joyfully, to save further trouble.
  • Sued Its charter retained many of the aspects of the medieval trade guild: power to purchase lands, to sue and be sued, to make by- laws, and to punish offenders against them by fine or imprisonment.
  • Sufficed The discovery that, in the proposed enterprise, Losely had a personal feeling of revenge to satisfy had sufficed to decide the accomplice peremptorily to have nothing to do with the affair.
  • Sadie Sadie murmured, in low, frightened tones.
  • Sid Sid had better judgment than to utter the thought that was in his mind as he left the house.
  • Fido As Fido neared the brook, another puppy dog came running across the foot-bridge to meet him.
  • surfed

38 words made from the letters sufide

4 letter words made from sufide:

used, duse, fusi, sude, suef, dieu, duis, fise, ides, iesu, defu, feud, deif, dsei, udis, duei, side, edfu, fuse, sifu.

3 letter words made from sufide:

die, ies, suf, sue, sif, dis, use, fed, fes, des, due, iud.

5 letter words made from sufide:

feuds, seifu, fidus, fused, sefid, deusi.

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