How to spell SUFRE correctly?

If you meant to type "sufre" but realize it was misspelled, there are a few potential correct suggestions. One option may be "sufre", the correct spelling for the third-person singular form of the Spanish verb "sufrir", meaning "to suffer". Another alternative could be "suffer", the correct spelling of the English word with the same meaning.

List of suggestions on how to spell sufre correctly

  • sabre The cavalryman drew his sabre, ready to charge into battle.
  • safe It's important to wear a helmet and follow traffic rules to stay safe while riding a bike.
  • scare
  • score He received a high score in the game.
  • sere The sere landscape was in desperate need of rain, as the sun scorched the dry ground.
  • sire
  • snare The hunter set a trap with a snare to catch the elusive rabbit.
  • snore
  • sore
  • spare I was hoping to avoid using my spare key, but I couldn't find the original one.
  • spire The spire of the church was visible from miles away.
  • spore
  • square The room was built in a perfect square shape.
  • squire The squire assisted the knight with putting on his armor before battle.
  • stare I couldn't help but stare at the majestic mountain peaks towering over us.
  • store
  • suave He was a suave gentleman in his dark suit and tie.
  • sucre
  • sudra In Hinduism, the sudra caste is traditionally associated with manual labor and service occupations.
  • suffer I suffer from intense migraines every few weeks.
  • Sufi The Sufi mystic preached about the importance of inner peace and spiritual growth.
  • supra The supra shoe brand is popular among skateboarders.
  • sure
  • surer After reading the directions again, I am much surer of how to complete the task.
  • surf He loves to surf the waves in the morning.
  • surrey During my vacation in England, I went on a scenic ride in a surrey through the countryside.
  • suture
  • Swore He swore that he would never forget the way she smiled at him.

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