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How to spell SULTATED correctly?

The word "sultated" is not recognized by any dictionary, but it appears to be a misspelling of "resulted". Possible correct suggestions include "resulted", "assaulted" or "consulted", depending on the intended meaning. It is important to proofread and use a spell-checker to avoid such errors in the future.

List of suggestions on how to spell sultated correctly

  • mutated The virus had mutated, making it more difficult to treat with traditional medicine.
  • pulsated The music pulsated through her body, making her feel alive and energized.
  • slated The movie is slated to release in the next month.
  • solvated The salt crystals were dissolving in the water and becoming solvated ions.
  • stated He stated that he would be attending the event on Friday.
  • sulfate The shampoo contains sulfate, which can cause irritation to sensitive scalps.
  • sulfates The shampoo I use now is free of sulfates, which has made my hair less frizzy.
  • summated The results of the study were summated to determine the final findings.
  • surtaxed The citizens were outraged when they discovered they were being surtaxed to fund the government's unnecessary projects.

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