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How to spell SUMPED correctly?

The correct spelling of "sumped" will depend on its intended meaning. If it's referring to a pit or hole in which liquid or debris accumulates, the correct spelling is "sump". If it's referring to a struggle for air, the correct spelling is "gasping" or "panting". Consider the context to ensure the correct spelling is used.

List of suggestions on how to spell sumped correctly

  • Bumped I accidentally bumped into my boss while carrying a tray of coffee.
  • dumped He dumped his old clothes in the donation bin.
  • humped The camel humped its back before kneeling down to allow us to climb aboard.
  • Jumped
  • Lumped I accidentally lumped all my laundry together and now I have to separate it again.
  • pumped
  • sampled She sampled a piece of cake to see if it was good enough for the party.
  • Sapped After the long hike, my energy was completely sapped.
  • seeped The water seeped through the crack in the roof during the heavy rainstorm.
  • simper She tried to simper at the boss to get on his good side, but he saw right through her false demeanor.
  • Sipped I sipped my coffee slowly, savoring its warmth and aroma.
  • Skimped She skimped on the ingredients and the cake turned out dry and tasteless.
  • slumped After a long day at work, John slumped into his favorite armchair and closed his eyes.
  • slurped
  • Soaped
  • Sopped I sopped the sauce up with a napkin.
  • Sped The car sped down the highway, ignoring the speed limit signs.
  • Spumed The dragon spumed a glob of spittle in the air.
  • stamped She stamped her foot in frustration when the package didn't arrive on time.
  • stomped She stomped her foot in frustration as she realized she had missed her train.
  • Stumped I'm stumped on what to get my dad for his birthday.
  • Summed I summed up the entire budget and realized we were over by $10,000.
  • sump The car's engine needs a new sump due to a leak.
  • Sumter Sumter, South Carolina was named after Revolutionary War General Thomas Sumter.
  • Supped After dinner, they went to the living room to visit and quickly supped up on some of the desserts.
  • swamped I am swamped with work and won't be able to go out tonight.
  • Thumped He was thumped on the head with a pipe.

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