Correct spelling for SURINGE

We think the word suringe is a misspelling. It could be just an incorrect spelling of the words which are suggested below. Review the list and pick the word which you think is the most suitable.

Possible correct spellings for suringe

  • cringe And her eye met the lawyer's with a look of pride that made him inwardly cringe, though not even the jealous glance of the prisoner could detect that an eyelash quivered or a flicker disturbed the studied serenity of his gaze.
  • fringe She dresses her hair now as he liked best seventeen years ago, though the fringe looks old-fashioned and odd.
  • murine The family Heteromyidae was defined by Wood (1935:81) essentially as follows: Cheek teeth brachydont to hypsodont and even rootless; usually six cusps per molar, three on each loph; enamel rarely divided into two plates, never reduced to one; skull light, thin and papery; mastoids inflated, mastoidal breadth often greatest, never appreciably less than zygomatic breadth; interorbital space wider than rostrum; palate nearly horizontal and little if any below level of zygomata; nasals extended beyond incisors; zygomata slender, with greatly reduced malar, almost, or quite, abutting against tympanic; frontals and parietals broad, with latter reaching, or nearly reaching, orbits; frontal trapezoidal; parietal quadrate, to pentagonal or triangular; interparietal primitively large, secondarily reduced; squamosal mostly or entirely confined to orbit; tympanic vesicular and inflated, in some forms highly inflated; mastoids inflated and bullous, reaching top of skull, and forming part of occipital surface; occipitals contracted and limited in area on occiput, but extending onto dorsum of skull; coronoid processes small, inclined caudad and lying below level of condyle; jaw small and weak with large, everted angle; tail as long as, or longer than, head and body; claws of manus elongate, fossorial, but forelimb slender; pelage usually coarse and frequently spinose; ears and eyes large; body murine in form; locomotion in many forms saltatorial.
  • purine Protective colloids, 209. Proteins, 7, 18, 20, 151, 162, 163, =164=, 224. Proteoses, 175. Protoplasm, 17, 26, 221. Prulaurasin, 87. Prunase, 87. Prunasin, 87. Ptomaines, 152. Purine, =159=.
  • serene A thunderbolt had flashed down upon the sweet stillness of her serene life.
  • shrine A good-sized range, also, stood where once the dirty hearth was the only shrine to which the family food was intrusted during preparation.
  • singe Or would she have looked on him as on all her swains before she met Fiorsen, so many moths fluttering round a candle, foolish to singe themselves, not to be taken seriously?
  • soaring An object in the landscape beneath that would escape the human eye is revealed to the soaring buzzard.
  • souring Discipline had evidently a souring effect on his temper.
  • spring Don't forget the awakening of spring.
  • springy She bounced again a little on the springy sofa as she turned towards him, confession on her lips at last.
  • string These always went into every new lodging, even for one night; and they went in quite undisguised, tied up in wisps of string or straw, to the delight of the poetic gutter boys in the little grey streets.
  • stringy (4) Veal is difficult to digest, owing to its stringy fibres.
  • supine He feared lethargy of heart, the supine mood, more than he feared excess of passion.
  • surfing Known locally as 'Ours, it became the site of a Red Bull big wave surfing competition in August 2014 called Red Bull Cape Fear.
  • surging Is Ireland to launch herself on that surging sea of wild impulse, in whose depths lies destruction and whose waves never kiss a peaceful coast?
  • suriname Suriname: National Army (includes small Navy and Air Force elements), Civil Police
  • syringe It is recommended to apply with a garden-syringe.
  • turing *: Normalized with respect to the total number of Turing Award affiliates at MIT.
  • During 16,664. Have you had the principal management of his business during his absence in consequence of ill health?
  • Luring Ruth far outstripped Ulrich in her desires and wants, thus luring him to follow her.
  • Searing With knit brows and quaking heart, she read it again and again, until its significance was, so to speak, forced upon her; then the letter dropped from her hand, her arms fell limply to her sides, and she looked straight before her in a dazed, benumbed fashion, every word burning itself upon her brain and searing her heart.
  • Siring Retired to stud duty at his owners Darby Dan Farm, Proud Clarion met with some success, siring at least 30 winners of stakes races including Marlboro Cup winner, Proud Birdie.
  • curing The curing place is about 50 yards from my house.
  • Suing I'm going to ask his advice about suing Afternoon Tea Willie for breach of promise.
  • Syringed The little leaflets are not in the least affected by the plant being shaken or syringed.
  • Syringes For syringes it is employed extensively to this day by Brazilians of all classes, who construct them by moulding the sap, while in its fluid state, into pear-shaped bottles, and inserting a piece of cane in the long neck.
  • stringer He had to pitch to McCall, the fastest man in the league; to Ashwell, the best bunter; to Stringer, the champion batter.
  • un-clad

229 words made from the letters suringe

4 letter words made from suringe:

inus, guen, ursg, ruse, genu, nuer, ruge, gien, iesu, segi, uren, guei, ring, nige, geun, rugi, eris, snug, gnus, suen, inge, uges, egin, grus, engi, renu, sign, sung, egis, rein, sure, sire, nsui, uige, eriu, grue, gurs, iure, rugs, unge, ruin, reni, gius, egri, urge, rieu, guie, sein, suer, gens, sing, suin, guse, erni, gesu, suir, rung, ries, gure, sieg, rise, irun, ings, rune, ugni, neus, suge, urie, gris, grui, enur, urns, gnsr, user, grin, sugi, rues, usen, uner, runs, ruen, sine, unie.

5 letter words made from suringe:

isgur, gruis, isger, giner, inuse, ursin, using, grein, gines, singe, ruins, inure, irgun, egusi, sugie, gruen, guise, guire, urges, niger, genus, srinu, gerin, ruine, gusen, grune, seing, urens, segui, giers, greis, suire, urein, negri, useni, giren, reins, runes, rungs, sring, surgi, resin, nurse, siner, ergui, sugen, rings, ering, inger, genri, rinse, guier, rieng, grues, neuri, gurns, rugen, grine, ergun, rines, uring, suner, sengi, gersi, usine, suger, ergin, genis, isner, segni, sgeir, gries, gusin, regus, ginsu, ersin, unies, unger, negru, reign, seung, seiun, risen, guren, siren, rusin, renig, girus, urnes, urine, surge, suren, singu, ringe, regni, gurin, serin, negus, grins, ugine, isneg, rusie, sigue, surin, runge, rensi, reing, erins, segur, ringu, girns, sigur, girsu, unser.

3 letter words made from suringe:

uni, sen, esr, nsu, sun, rig, ern, ige, erg, run, gen, nig, sir, rue, irs, ire, ies, gun, ngu, sin, uns, res, sue, use, sur, urn, rug, gin, gui, gnu, gsr, gur.

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