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How to spell SUSSURUS correctly?

If you happen to misspell "sussurus", here are some correct suggestions to consider: "susurrus", "sussurrus" or "susurrous". These variations are commonly used to describe a soft, whispering sound or the gentle rustle of leaves. Paying attention to minor details like correct spelling can enhance your writing.

List of suggestions on how to spell sussurus correctly

  • assures My doctor assures me that the surgery will be successful and I will recover fully.
  • fissures The earthquake caused fissures to form along the ground, creating a dangerous situation for anyone nearby.
  • hussars The hussars charged forward on their magnificent horses, their colorful uniforms creating a striking sight on the battlefield.
  • Saussure Ferdinand de Saussure is considered one of the most influential linguists in the field of semiotics.
  • Sciurus The Sciurus squirrel bounded across the yard, searching for nuts to store for the winter.
  • sensuous The sensuous dance of the Flamenco captivated everyone in the audience.
  • subsumes The new policy subsumes all previous regulations on employee conduct.
  • suburbs She decided to move out of the city and settle down in the peaceful suburbs.
  • succubus Legend has it that a succubus is a female demon who seduces and consorts with men in their dreams.
  • sulfurous The volcanic eruption released a sulfurous gas that filled the air with a pungent odor.
  • sulfurs Sulfurs are commonly found in rocks and minerals, and they play a crucial role in various chemical processes.
  • sunburns Despite applying sunscreen, I still ended up with painful sunburns after spending a long day at the beach.
  • susses She always susses out the truth before making any decisions.
  • sutures The doctor skillfully closed the wound with tiny sutures.
  • usurps He usurps the throne and declares himself the new king.

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