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How to spell SWINING correctly?

If you're trying to spell "swining" but it's incorrect, fret not! The correct word could be "swinging", referring to the act of moving back and forth on a swing. Alternatively, "singing" or "swimming" might be what you're looking for. Remember to double-check your spelling to ensure accurate communication!

List of suggestions on how to spell swining correctly

  • Seining Seining is a method of fishing where a large net is drawn through the water to catch fish.
  • signing
  • singing
  • sinning I try to resist sinning, but sometimes it's hard in a world full of temptation.
  • swanking I was not interested in his swanking about his new watch.
  • swing The children were laughing and playing on the swing in the park.
  • swingeing The government announced a swingeing cut in public spending.
  • swinging The children were having fun swinging on the playground.
  • Swiping I'm swiping left and right on the dating app to find my perfect match.
  • swooning The sight of the handsome prince had all the ladies swooning.
  • Twining The plants were twining around the trellis, creating a beautiful garden display.
  • waning The moon was waning in the sky, casting a dim glow over the field.
  • whining Despite being told to stop whining, the child continued to complain about not getting their way.
  • Winging I was winging my way through the crowded streets, trying to get to my appointment on time.
  • wining
  • winning Winning the championship was the highlight of their season.

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