Correct spelling for SWOPPING

We think the word swopping is a misspelling. It could be just an incorrect spelling of the words which are suggested below. Review the list and pick the word which you think is the most suitable.

Possible correct spellings for swopping

  • sopping Water had been brought; she woke to find herself upon the couch, the old woman woodenly sopping her head and hands.
  • stopping Where is he stopping?"
  • supping At the second, the Trois Couronnes, I was informed that a chaise and four had been ordered by no less a man than General Souham, who would start that night as soon as he returned from supping with the Governor.
  • sweeping He read in a sweeping glance, and before his eyes came back to her they went hurriedly to his watch.
  • whopping Then, as the three lads started townward, Bruce shouted: Hi, Bud, see that you get a whopping big tree.
  • Sapping Crawling on his hands and knees, he at last reached within ten yards of the sapping Turks.
  • Sipping Tatiana sat down and began sipping her tea and nibbling pieces of sugar.
  • Slopping He scrambled from the hole, dragging a slopping pail of water after him, while Bud Stevens roared with delight.
  • Soaping "Beloved Countrymen! Palatines! Citizens of Heidelberg!" began the Parson in a stentorian tone, his wrinkled face beaming with humor, whilst at the same time he rubbed his hands together with that soaping movement peculiar to him in the pulpit.
  • Swapping If a smash comes there will be a good deal of horse-swapping in the middle of the stream-buying up of depressed stocks by people who need the lines worse than the original owners do."
  • Swiping But the subsequent swiping was, as Granny told the workroom, sketchy and amateurish.
  • Swooping With a gliding spring, like a swooping bird across a valley, he was suddenly-out.

114 words made from the letters swopping

3 letter words made from swopping:

ops, gop, psi, pig, iwo, pow, pip, gnp, won, pin, nog, ion, now, pop, own, wop, sow, poi, ppi, nip, sip, wog, sop, nig, wig, iso, ipo, sin, son, win, gin.

4 letter words made from swopping:

ogin, sown, swig, gwon, ings, ippg, sing, igon, pins, nips, ngoi, ping, siow, gown, pogi, wins, pown, sign, snow, snip, gois, wigs, sogn, spin, song, pong, pion, wisp, swop, iong, wing, gipn, gipp, iwon, owns, gons, gion, igno, pons, sion, iwgp, snog, poin.

5 letter words made from swopping:

pingo, ingos, gippo, owing, signo, winos, wongs, spino, pings, opsin, goins, sgpio, powin, wings, pison, gipon, poing, pogis, gopis, powis, piong, psion, gowin, pinos, sinop, siwon, oping, wingo, posin, siong, gnows, pongs, wongi, swing, powns, snipp, ippon, gipps, gowns, nippo.

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