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How to spell SWORS correctly?

If you find yourself struggling with the misspelling "swors", fret not, as there are several correct alternatives. Consider using "swords", which refers to bladed weapons or "swore", the past tense of "swear". Another option is "swore", which is the simple past tense of the verb "swear". Choose wisely to convey your intended meaning accurately!

List of suggestions on how to spell swors correctly

  • SARS
  • savors She savors the taste of the rich, creamy chocolate cake slowly melting in her mouth.
  • scours The farmer scours the pen thoroughly before introducing a new herd of chickens.
  • sears I need to buy a new vacuum cleaner because my Sears one is getting old.
  • SEERS The Seers are a holy order of mystics.
  • senors I will be receiving my senors diploma this weekend.
  • sewers The city's sewers were blocked and causing a terrible smell throughout the town.
  • SIRS SIRS stands for Systemic Inflammatory Response Syndrome, a serious condition that can be caused by a variety of infections, illnesses, and injuries.
  • soars
  • sobs She couldn't hold back the sobs as she received the devastating news.
  • SODS I had to remove the sods from the ground in order to prepare the area for planting.
  • SOLS
  • Sons The three sons of the family all went to the same school.
  • sops The party offered me sops in return for my vote.
  • sores The athlete had sores on his feet from wearing tight shoes during his race.
  • sorts There are all sorts of books on the shelves.
  • sos There's just something so sos about spending a weekend at the beach.
  • SOTS The campus is rampant with SOTS.
  • Sours The milk sours if left out in the warm sun for too long.
  • Sous The sous chef is responsible for managing the kitchen staff in the head chef's absence.
  • sowers The sowers are working tirelessly to ensure that the seeds will grow and bear fruit.
  • SOWS
  • spoors As the bushmen followed the spoors left by the antelope, they began to close in on their prey.
  • swabs The nurse used cotton swabs to collect samples from the patient's throat.
  • swags The gold swags hanging from the chandelier added an elegant touch to the ballroom.
  • swans The beautiful swans gracefully glided across the tranquil pond.
  • swaps My backpack had a lot of swaps in it.
  • swards The knights drew their swords from their swards as they charged into battle.
  • swarms During the hot summer days, swarms of bees buzzed around the flowers in the garden.
  • SWATS The police team conducted multiple swats in the area to catch the suspects.
  • sways
  • swears He swears that he didn't steal the money.
  • SWIGS She takes a few swigs of water to quench her thirst.
  • SWIMS She swims every morning to stay in shape.
  • swirls The hurricane swirls across the Caribbean Sea.
  • swiss I had a delicious sandwich with swiss cheese for lunch.
  • swoops
  • swoosh As I swung the tennis racket, I heard the satisfying swoosh of the ball being hit.
  • sword The knight carried a sword at his side.
  • swords The knights marched into battle, their swords glinting in the sunlight.
  • Swore I swore I wouldn't let that happen again.
  • sworn I have sworn to uphold the law and to protect its citizens.
  • swot
  • twos The twins always did everything in twos.
  • Wars The Star Wars movies are one of the most popular franchises in the world.
  • WOES I have had enough of your WOES!
  • woos
  • worse My cold got worse throughout the week, so I had to take medication to feel better.
  • WOWS The piano WOWS me every time I play it!

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