Correct spelling for SWUITE

We think the word swuite is a misspelling. It could be just an incorrect spelling of the words which are suggested below. Review the list and pick the word which you think is the most suitable.

Possible correct spellings for swuite

  • cite Among a host of instances of this peculiar pride of his which I could cite, I remember one, characteristic enough to be taken as a sample of all the rest.
  • sate "But," thou wilt say, "the rich have the wherewithal to sate their hunger, the means to get rid of thirst and cold."
  • saute I ask you not to meet Mr. So-and-so, and Lord What-dye-call-him: I ask you to meet a saute de foie gras, and a haunch of venison."
  • semite Yet, at the beginning of the nineteenth century, no one would have forecast a revolution in opinion which would recognise the legendary quality of considerable portions of the Pentateuch and historical books, which would leave but little that is of undisputed Mosaic authorship, which would place the prophets before the law, which would concede the growth of the Jewish canon, which would perceive the relation of Judaism to the religions of the other Semite peoples and would seek to establish the true relation of Judaism to Christianity.
  • side Somehow, from her side at least, the tragical note which had trembled throughout their interview had passed away.
  • sit Here I sit thinking and planning for his future, like an old woman who after many long years is told that a friend of her youth has thriven and prospered in life, and who says: "He has well deserved it; his character was noble and generous; I knew him well when I was young!"
  • site The city occupies the site of Fort Cumberland, which by order of General Burgoyne at the beginning of the French and Indian war, Braddock constructed as a base for his expedition against Fort Duquesne.
  • smite I'm going to smite the Philistines-and the chances are," he smiled cynically, "they won't even be aware of the blow.
  • sortie At midafternoon Jerry went on a brief sortie, came back, and reported business was slow in the barbershop, which was not unusual for a Tuesday.
  • spite Peter Magnus lived in town and must have heard of the coming case; these things do somehow leak out, and he would have gladly volunteered the story, were it only to spite the man.
  • suet In 1595, we are told that "the Court Leet Jury of Manchester ordered that no person was to be allowed to use butter or suet in cakes or bread; fine, 20s.
  • suit On July 22nd, 1874, it is recorded that Dr. Kenealy rose to open the case for the defence in the Tichborne suit; he sought and obtained permission, to remove his wig on account of the excessive heat.
  • suite The suite of reception rooms are magnificent, but the garden into which they open pleases me still more, for it is vast and umbrageous.
  • suited There are also great variety of public gardens, suited to every class of people, or which Duddeston, the ancient seat of the Holte family, claims the pre-eminence.
  • suitor A challenge-a demand that she should submit-that she should come down from those serene heights of independence and yield herself a willing and gracious helpmeet and companion for life to this daring suitor; might not that have secured for him this wondrous prize?
  • sunnite As for the Apostate Sheik, that old jackal of the desert was crouched in his place of confinement, with terror clutching at his soul; with visions of being torn to pieces by furious Sunnite mobs oppressing him.
  • suttee It must be a Mohammedan, this time, to whom I intrust my correspondence on suttee!"
  • swat Swat it on der trade-mark an' clean der sacks.
  • swatter She was secretly relieved that her swatter plan had not been accepted, for she had a marked aversion to killing flies.
  • sweat The corium consists of strong interlacing fibrous bands, chiefly white; its meshes are larger and more open toward the attached surface, giving lodgment to the sweat glands and fat.
  • sweater Calmly planted on its broad flat top, with a pair of slender black-stockinged legs swinging, calmly polishing off a monstrous scarlet apple on the front of a bright green sweater, sat a perfectly strange specimen of the condemned human race; and, what was more, it was unmistakably feminine.
  • sweaty
  • swede
  • sweet
  • sweetie
  • swift
  • swine
  • swipe
  • swot
  • wait
  • waiter
  • waste
  • whit
  • white
  • whitey
  • wide
  • wit
  • Sited And that if it were inhabited, all the ships of New Spain, of Peru, Santa Martha, and Terra Firma, in their return for Spain might well touch there, because it was in their way, and because it was a good country, and sited fit to raise commodity.
  • Swifter
  • Swiped
  • Waite
  • Witt
  • STE Returning to the deck the boys learned that the boat on which they were sailing was to remain six hours at Sault Ste.
  • whiter
  • sweatier
  • sweeter

45 words made from the letters swuite

3 letter words made from swuite:

ies, wei, wet, use, est, set, wit, tie, sew, ute, sue, sit, tiu.

4 letter words made from swuite:

suet, tsui, etui, wets, setu, wetu, siwe, weis, site, wits, wise, tuis, tieu, twse, iesu, weit, west, ties, stew, siwu, tues, suit, sewu.

5 letter words made from swuite:

suite, etuis, wuest, wites, wiest, weist, wisut, tisue, suwit.

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