How to spell SYPHILUS correctly?

We think the word syphilus is a misspelling. It could be just an incorrect spelling of the words which are suggested below. Review the list and pick the word which you think is the most suitable.

List of suggestions on how to spell syphilus correctly

  • cepheus Cepheus is a constellation located in the northern sky.
  • phallus The phallus was strikingly erect.
  • phials The alchemist carefully poured the mysterious liquid into small phials, each one labeled with a different name.
  • sails The boat glided smoothly across the water with the wind filling its colorful sails.
  • sepals
  • Silas Silas was thrilled to receive the award for best student at the graduation ceremony.
  • sills She stood on the window sills to catch a glimpse of the beautiful sunset.
  • silos The company's lack of communication resulted in information being kept in silos, causing confusion and inefficiencies.
  • skills She has excellent skills in baking.
  • smiles She smiled at me with her beautiful brown eyes.
  • Snails Snails are mollusks that move slowly and leave a slimy trail behind them.
  • Soils Peat soils are found in moist environments.
  • sophocles Sophocles is one of the renowned tragedians in history.
  • spells My spelling is terrible, it always feels like I'm trying to spell spells.
  • spiels The salesman delivered his spiels to the customers, but they all seemed skeptical.
  • spills The janitor was always frustrated with the amount of coffee spills that occurred in the office.
  • spoilers I hate it when people post spoilers about TV shows on social media.
  • spoils The spoils of victory were all the more tantalizing to the vanquished.
  • spools I'm going to need some spools of wire for this project.
  • Stiles When Lydia revealed her dark side, Stiles was the only one who could help her.
  • stills She stared out the window at the river stills.
  • stylus He was using a stylus to tap away at his tablet screen.
  • surplus Purchasing a product that is surplus can save you money.
  • swills The pig swills its slop in the trough.

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