Correct spelling for SYPONING

We think the word syponing is a misspelling. It could be just an incorrect spelling of the words which are suggested below. Review the list and pick the word which you think is the most suitable. For your convenience, we put a usage example below each word

Possible correct spellings for syponing

  • Stoning
  • Then the upper deck was daily scrubbed; sometimes the mere washing off the soap-suds left from the clothes, sometimes with brooms and sand, sometimes the solemn ceremony of holy-stoning with its monotonous musical sound of grinding.

  • Spanking(Definition of spanking)
  • Mrs. frost was too much alarmed by this narrow escape to consent to pomp's driving again, and for the moment felt as if she should like to usurp his mother's privilege of spanking him.

  • Spooning
  • August 23d. -i have been lounging about all day, thinking of it, dreaming of it, spooning over it, as they say. this is a decided waste of time.

  • Sponging(Definition of Sponging)
  • I imagine that william echemannesmai, who owed the treasury a mark in 1182, was one of the sponging fraternity.

  • Zoning(Definition of zoning)
  • I wanna girl that would keep zoning Is it because thighs or how she rides it I wanna girl that could freak till morning

    – What Kinda Girl? by massari
  • Sporting(Definition of sporting)
  • It appears to be a word of french origin, and was a common sporting term in shakespeare's time.

  • Sinning(Definition of sinning)
  • His late wife had had a sharp temper of her own; and perhaps he thought himself as much sinned against as sinning.

  • Swooning(Definition of swooning)
  • Again he seemed on the point of swooning.

  • Spring(Definition of spring)
  • Then the spring began to come.

  • Spending(Definition of spending)
  • But she couldn't ever seem to get the habit of spending money the way it ought to be spent."

  • Spinning(Definition of spinning)
  • The old man spent his time looking after the cows, and the hens, and the garden; while the old woman kept herself busy spinning.

  • Spinning-Mill(Definition of Spinning-mill)
  • Spurning
  • Spying(Definition of spying)
  • Spying on a closed meeting!

  • Spoofing
  • Now you are spoofing me!

  • Spawning
  • But the water wants re-stocking, and the burns in winter need watching, in the interests of spawning fish.

  • Siphoning
  • Background: during the late 1980s and early 1990s, the qatari economy was crippled by a continuous siphoning off of petroleum revenues by the amir who had ruled the country since 1972.

  • Sapping(Definition of Sapping)
  • The four votes he had inherited in the house of commons had been increased, by his intense volition and unsparing means, to ten; and the very day he was raised to his marquisate, he commenced sapping fresh corporations, and was working for the strawberry leaf.

  • Scorning(Definition of scorning)
  • He half hesitated, and then, as if scorning an equivocation, made a hasty gesture over her shoulder and said bluntly, "no, i came over the cliff."

  • Sipping
  • There our hero sat for the best part of an hour, smoking his pipe of tobacco and sipping his grog, and seeing not so much as a single thing that might concern the note he had received.

    Sippin' what I'm sippin and she bout to catch me slippin'

    – Long Gone Missin' by trey songz
  • Spooking
  • Raising hell, cutting wires, turning road signs around, spooking whole divisions, and shoving a bulge into our defenses.

  • Snooping
  • "no, i don't; this guy wouldn't be snooping about alone if they had.

  • Sopping(Definition of sopping)
  • They were strolling slowly through the sopping grass.

  • Pining(Definition of pining)
  • When she got back to the palace, she found her dear prince pining for love of her, and wondering when she would return.

  • Supping(Definition of supping)
  • I thank your majesty, but i must crave permission to return, for i have some ladies supping with me, including the cupidon of to-night.

  • Spouting(Definition of spouting)
  • As we drew near the river, we could see the smoke of cannon in action spouting from the farther side, and from our side came the crackling of musketry fire.

  • Sporing
  • Spoiling(Definition of spoiling)
  • Meantime the hay is spoiling in the fields.

  • Spotting(Definition of spotting)
  • The dusk came slowly, and the colour of the countless fires, spotting the ridge and the plain, grew in the falling darkness.

  • Sunning(Definition of Sunning)
  • Seining
  • Seining on riffles was done with a four-foot by four-foot bobbinet seine.

  • Spooling
  • Spooling is a combination of buffering and queueing.

  • Spooring
  • Spanning
  • It played jokes spanning millennia.