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How to spell TABETS correctly?

If you've mistakenly spelled "tabets", fear not - here are some possible correct suggestions for the word you intended. You might have meant "tables", "tablet", "tablets" or "tutors". Remember to double-check your spelling and choose the appropriate word to convey your message accurately.

List of suggestions on how to spell tabets correctly

  • abets He abets his friend in stealing from the store.
  • abuts Our backyard abuts the neighbor's fence.
  • Bets He placed his bets on the winning horse and won big at the racetrack.
  • rabbets The rabbits were running in and out of the rabbets.
  • tables She arranged the chairs and tables for the wedding reception.
  • Tablets
  • Taboos Some cultures have very strict taboos surrounding certain foods or behaviors.
  • tabors During the Renaissance, many soldiers marched to the sound of tabors as they headed into battle.
  • tabs He opened multiple tabs on his browser to research different topics at the same time.
  • tappets My car has sequential manual transmission tappets.
  • targets The targets will be shoot in the early morning.
  • TARTS She baked a batch of delicious strawberry tarts for the party.
  • TATERS I love having taters with my steak.
  • TATS My friend's TATS is really cool.
  • tibet His book, Tibet: A New History has sparked a great debate among scholars.
  • tubers My father enjoys growing tubers in his garden, especially potatoes, yams, and sweet potatoes.
  • tubes The tubes are for transporting the gas.

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