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How to spell TACHE correctly?

If you've mistakenly spelled "tache", fear not, as there are possible corrections at hand. Rather than "tache", you could use "cache" to refer to a hidden store of items. Alternatively, consider "tackle" when referring to the act of confronting a challenge or "teach" if you mean the act of imparting knowledge.

List of suggestions on how to spell tache correctly

  • ache My head is starting to ache from staring at the computer screen for too long.
  • achy My muscles feel achy after a strenuous workout.
  • ashe
  • attache The attache from the embassy was responsible for handling sensitive information.
  • bach
  • cache The browser cache stores temporary files to speed up web browsing.
  • Che " Che" is a Spanish interjection used to get someone's attention or express surprise, similar to "hey" or "wow".
  • dace The river was teeming with dace and trout.
  • dacha I spent the summer at my grandmother's dacha in the countryside.
  • each Each student in the class is required to bring a book to the meeting.
  • gauche I'm a bit gauche when it comes to socializing.
  • mach I need to oil the mach behind the car to make it run smoothly.
  • tack I need to replace my old shoes with new ones; I'll need some new tack.
  • tacker I need a tacker to attach this flyer to the bulletin board.
  • taco I ordered a delicious chicken taco from the food truck.
  • Tahoe I rented a cabin in Tahoe for the long weekend.
  • take I will take the bus to the library.
  • tale The tale of the black cat is one of my favorites.
  • tame The animals were tame and would not attack.
  • tape I have to tape the box closed before I can ship it.
  • tare The tare weight of the container was deducted to obtain the net weight of the product.
  • Tasha I introduced myself to Tasha and she was so nice.
  • tate My aunt's house is on the lake, and it has a tate deck.
  • teach
  • teacher
  • teaches The teacher teaches the children about history.
  • tech I'm downloading the latest update for my tech.
  • techie My friend is a big techie and loves to stay updated on all the latest gadgets and technology.
  • TECHS The company hired some of the best techs in the industry to develop their new product.
  • touche When the speaker made a point that could not be countered, the audience responded with a resounding "touche.
  • trachea The trachea, also known as the windpipe, connects the larynx to the lungs.
  • Tycho The famous astronomer Tycho Brahe was born in Denmark in 1546.

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