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How to spell TACHES correctly?

The correct spelling of "taches" would be "staches" (short for mustaches) or "patches" (a piece of material used to cover or mend a hole or a tear). It's important to double-check and proofread your writing to catch these mistakes and improve clarity for your readers.

List of suggestions on how to spell taches correctly

  • Aches My body aches from yesterday's strenuous workout.
  • Arches The Arches National Park is known for its numerous natural rock formations.
  • Ashes After the fire, all that remained were the ashes of the once beautiful home.
  • attaches
  • batches I prefer to make my own batches of cookies.
  • Beaches I love to go to the beaches and swim in the ocean.
  • caches The programmer has many caches in their computer to optimize performance.
  • catches The cat catches mice in the barn.
  • coaches The school coaches are holding a meeting to discuss the upcoming sports season.
  • dashes He dashes towards the finish line, hoping to win the race.
  • detaches The phone automatically detaches from the charger when it's fully charged.
  • etches The artisan carefully etches intricate patterns onto the copper plate.
  • hatches The baby bird hatches from its egg after weeks of waiting.
  • itches My mosquito bites itches so much that I can't stop scratching.
  • larches The forest was filled with tall larches that stood out against the clear blue sky.
  • latches The door latches shut when I pull it shut.
  • leaches The water was stained with the leaches of plant life.
  • marches
  • matches The stain matches the paint on the wall.
  • parches I noticed that my throat was getting dry, so I reached for some parches to soothe it.
  • Patches I need to sew patches onto my backpack.
  • Peaches I love eating peaches from my garden.
  • poaches Poaches are animals which are illegally taken from the wild.
  • reaches As the sun sets, its orange glow reaches across the horizon.
  • roaches I always crack the window and spray things before moving into a new place because you can't exterminate roaches if they live
  • Sachs Igor is married to Sarah and they have two children, Sachs and Stella.
  • starches She prefers to eat light starches instead of rich foods.
  • stashes He stashes his cash under the mattress.
  • tackers The tackers were busy nailing down the carpet to the floor.
  • tacks He carefully lined up the tacks on the bulletin board before hammering them in place.
  • TACOS I'm going to the taco truck for tacos tonight.
  • takes
  • Tales I love reading tales of adventure and mystery.
  • tames The trainer tames the wild horses slowly and patiently.
  • TAPES I have some tapes of my grandmother singing.
  • tares The tares in the field are gathering data.
  • teacher The teacher taught me how to solve the math problem.
  • teachers Teachers play a crucial role in shaping the future of their students.
  • teaches
  • TECHS I'm using Techs to help me with my project.
  • thatches The islanders built their homes with palm leaves and thatches for their roofs.
  • torches The team went to find their way with the help of their torches.
  • touches The soft sound of the piano touches my heart.
  • trashes The beach is filled with trashes left behind by careless tourists.
  • Watches She always watches the clock during meetings, hoping for the earliest opportunity to leave.

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