Correct spelling for TAGIC

We think the word tagic is a misspelling. It could be just an incorrect spelling of the words which are suggested below. Review the list and pick the word which you think is the most suitable.

Possible correct spellings for tagic

  • dag The molecule can also be formed from pathways like the hydrolysis derived (by diglyceride) from both phosphatidylcholine (PC) and phosphatidic acid (PAs) by the action of DAG lipase and the hydrolysis of arachidonic acid-containing lysophosphatidic acid by the action of a phosphatase.
  • gag It was the very simple business of shaking his head that made his interruption come as a surprise and gave perfect setting for the "gag-line."
  • gig Oh, I am the cook and the captain bold, And the mate of the Nancy brig, And the bosun tight and the midshipmite, And the crew of the captain's gig.
  • jag Said the good Master to me: "That it be not Apparent thou art here, crouch thyself down Behind a jag, that thou mayest have some screen;
  • logic Naturally I was drawn more and more into Mr. Bradlaugh's acquaintance, and when he found himself unable to continue the Logic Class he had started at the Hall he asked me to carry it on for him.
  • magic I will use magic so that when I whip my perfume alikadakad he will stand up.
  • tack Nor was this all, for he had to make a copy, besides, and tack it on the warehouse door with the inscription, "Taly and find correct John Wilson."
  • taco Taku Harbor (also spelled Taco, Tacou, or Takou) is a small, remote bay located on the eastern shore of Stephens Passage about 22 miles southeast of central Juneau, Alaska, United States.
  • tact To his wisdom, energy, tact, and forbearance the success of his experiment was in great measure due, and it is greatly to be regretted that he was not in a position to repeat the attempt under more favourable circumstances."
  • tactic In the same election, using a tactic modeled on the citys original $5 marijuana law, voters approved a charter amendment intended to protect access to abortion in Ann Arbor if it ever became illegal in the state of Michigan.
  • taegu From 22 to 24 October 1997, two AC-130U gunships flew 36 hours nonstop from Hurlburt Field, Florida to Taegu (Daegu), South Korea, being refuelled seven times by KC-135 tanker aircraft.
  • tag "I hate Tag-rag, and always did.
  • tagus Why, we have dropped the rest of them like hot potatoes, and if this little breeze keeps on, maybe we shall be in the Tagus days and days before them."
  • talc Poor people used oiled paper, isinglass, thinly shaved leather, resembling parchment, and thin sheets of soft pale crystalised stone known as talc, and soapstone.
  • taxi "Hurry, darling, I've a taxi waiting.
  • tc The 101st Troop Command (101st TC) is a troop command of the Puerto Rico Army National Guard.
  • tic The base peak chromatogram is similar to the TIC chromatogram, however it monitors only the most intense peak in each spectrum.
  • tick A broad, low bench back in one corner was covered by a tick or sack filled with straw.
  • tog
  • tonic
  • topic
  • toxic
  • tragic
  • trig
  • tug
  • tunic
  • turkic
  • twig
  • yogic
  • Tics List of symptoms that has been observed in those with autistic catatonia: Stupor Mutism Hyperactivity Agitation Excitement Posing Negativism Rigidity Waxy flexibility, mitmachen, mitgehen – tendency to remain in immobile posture, inability to resist external pressure on posture Automatic obedience Combativeness (during excitement) Aggressivity Stereotypies Tics Grimacing Echolalia Echopraxia Perseveration Verbigeration Staring, gaze fixation Withdrawal Immobility Challenging behaviour Tremor Slowness Amotivation Grasp reflex Mannerism Choreoathetoid movements of the trunk and extremities Autonomic instability (during excitement) Inability to start or stop actions (if during excitement episodes needs acute psychiatric care) Freezing Impulsivity Psychotic Sleep problems, reversal of day and night Urinary or fecal incontinence Odd gait Passivity Eyerolling Stiff muscles Catalepsy Physiological pillow Difficulty crossing lines Gegenhalten Ambitendency – contradictory behavior Rituals – repetitive behaviors
  • tags He was a curious, wizened-up little fellow, dressed in rags, and with hair like the worn tags of a black woollen carpet.
  • TGIF He was nominated for four Aria Awards in 1993 for Best Country Album for Hard Times (lost to Lee Kernaghan for The Outback Club), in 1994 for Best Childrens Album for I Want My Mummy (lost to Mic Conway for Whoopee), in 1998 for Best Country Album for Edge of the Kimberley (lost to Shanly Del for My Own Sweet Time) and in 2013 for Best Comedy Release for The TGIF Songs of Colin Buchanan (lost to Tom & Alex for The Bits Were Least Ashamed Of).
  • taiga The rugged southern half of the peninsula, and also the Kodiak Archipelago which lie off the south coast of the peninsula and are home to even more bears, constitute the Alaska Peninsula montane taiga ecoregion and contain a number of protected areas such as Katmai National Park.
  • tang A piece of rubber stuck on the tang end answers the double purpose of a protector and eraser.

14 words made from the letters tagic

3 letter words made from tagic:

tia, gca, act, iga, gat, tai, cat, tic, cia, tag.

4 letter words made from tagic:

5 letter words made from tagic:

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