Correct spelling for TAIKE

We think the word taike is a misspelling. It could be just an incorrect spelling of the words which are suggested below. Review the list and pick the word which you think is the most suitable.

Possible correct spellings for taike

  • bake Will you bake my dough-man, Molly?
  • bike He would not hear to our seeing him off. I remember him that last night after supper strapping his bag onto his bike and starting off down our quiet old street on his way to the station.
  • cake Oh, Cornelia, teach him to pat-a-cake!
  • dark It was the poet's hour of "nearly dark."
  • darkie "Oh, oh, good ge'mmen, have you no confidence in dis poor ole darkie?" now wailed the returning negro, who, during the late scene, had stumped apart in alarm.
  • duke So I was thinking to myself, when suddenly the Duke looked up.
  • fake There was no fake about that.
  • hake Mary, however, was very indignant with Captain Hake, and went so far as to call him a hard-hearted, cruel man, who wanted me to do all his drudgery, instead of allowing me to act as an officer with her father.
  • hike When Saturday morning came, however, and no Felia made her appearance according to promise, Nathalie's face grew somber, and she could not help going to the door every few minutes to see if she were not in sight, for she had planned to go on a bird-hike that morning with the Pioneers to learn bird-calls.
  • ike The third day after her return she was sitting with her parents, relating to them an account of her journey, when Ike entered the room.
  • lake His lodge was by the frozen lake.
  • like I don't like a mollycoddle.
  • make I fancy, too, that he must expect Loison up some time tomorrow, or he would hardly make a stand, and if Loison does come up, Ryan's wish will be gratified and we shall be having the odds against us.
  • mike Presently Mike exclaimed- "Here comes a big one!
  • nike In the 1950s, the first United States anti-ballistic missile system was the Nike Hercules, which had a limited ability to intercept incoming ballistic missiles, although not ICBMs.
  • pike But he pushed into the house and cut her short with- "Now, Mrs. Pike, don't talk, that's a dear good woman, but bustle about, and bring that arm-chair here, and the other low one, with a pillow on it, for the young lady's foot to rest on."
  • rake Did not Tom Tankard rake his curtal t'o'er day standing in the stable?
  • sake "Sweet Wisdom, I will play the fool for your sake," he answered.
  • stake A short time afterwards I received from her father the following note:- "My obligations to you are great, so is my affection for you; but the happiness of my child, as well as your happiness, is at stake.
  • tack A gentleman comes and asks you with tack and civility for a temp'y loan of about 'arf nothing, and all you do is to curse and swear at him.
  • tacker
  • tackle
  • tacky
  • taco
  • tag
  • tail
  • taipei
  • take
  • taken
  • taker
  • tale
  • talk
  • talker
  • talkie
  • talky
  • tame
  • tank
  • tanker
  • tape
  • tare
  • task
  • tate
  • teak
  • tic
  • tick
  • ticker
  • tide
  • tie
  • tiger
  • tile
  • time
  • tine
  • tire
  • tko
  • toke
  • trike
  • tuck
  • tucker
  • turk
  • turkey
  • tyke
  • wake
  • Tacked I've tacked the card with the address on the ends.
  • Tagger
  • Took
  • Jake She's sure something awful has happened to Jake.
  • Tamika
  • Taine
  • takes
  • tacks
  • darker It grew darker and darker among the trees, but Olive did not feel frightened.
  • taiga

33 words made from the letters taike

5 letter words made from taike:

ekati, iteka, aiket, kieta, takei, katei, teika.

3 letter words made from taike:

tia, kea, ate, kit, ike, tea, eat, tie, eta, tai.

4 letter words made from taike:

kaei, tiek, kaie, ekta, teik, ekti, tike, kite, taki, teak, taik, etak, taei, take, keti, kiat.

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