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How to spell TAKED correctly?

If you find yourself typing "taked" instead of "took", do not worry; it's a common error. Some possible correct suggestions for this misspelling include "took", "grabbed", "acquired" or "obtained". Remember, proofreading your work can prevent minor spelling mistakes like this.

List of suggestions on how to spell taked correctly

  • baked
  • Caked The car was caked in mud after driving through the muddy field.
  • Diked The farmer diked the fields before the rainy season to protect his crops from flooding.
  • faked He faked a smile even though he was upset.
  • Gated Residents of the gated community are not allowed to leave the premises.
  • jaded After years of working in the fashion industry, she had become jaded and no longer found joy in shopping for clothes.
  • Raked After we raked all of the leaves, there was an overwhelming smell of rotting leaves.
  • stacked
  • staged
  • Staked
  • stoked I'm so stoked for this party!
  • Tacked She tacked the photo to the bulletin board so she wouldn't forget about the meeting.
  • tacker The tacker was used to secure the carpet to the floor.
  • Tackled
  • tad I can't believe he ate my tad.
  • tagged I tagged the photo with all of our names so everyone would know who was in it.
  • take Take your time and don't rush into any decisions.
  • taken I have taken the subway to work every day this week.
  • taker The taker eagerly grabbed the last slice of pizza.
  • takes He takes his daily medication at the same time every day.
  • Talked Yesterday, I talked with my friend for hours over the phone.
  • tamed Lena was sick of being tamed by her father.
  • tanked The stock market tanked after the announcement of new trade tariffs.
  • taped I taped the picture to the wall with adhesive tape.
  • Tared
  • Tasked She was tasked with organizing the company's annual event.
  • tate
  • Taxed I felt taxed after working 12 hours straight.
  • taxied She was taxied to the hospital.
  • ted Ted is a friendly and outgoing guy.
  • Teed Teed is a popular brand of sneakers.
  • Ticked I have a ticked off boss.
  • tied I'm so tied up tonight, I can't even think.
  • toed I stepped on his toed, he yelped.
  • toke She took a toke from the joint and passed it to her friend.
  • tracked The dog was tracked through the mud.
  • tucked I tucked my shirt in carefully.
  • Tusked The tiger had a tusked snout.
  • tweaked I tweaked the settings on my computer to fix the display issue.
  • tyke I'm not sure if I should bring the tyke or not.
  • Waked The party was waked by the sound of laughter.

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