How to spell TAKED correctly?

We think the word taked is a misspelling. It could be just an incorrect spelling of the words which are suggested below. Review the list and pick the word which you think is the most suitable.

List of suggestions on how to spell taked correctly

  • baked Bricks are baked clay.
  • jaded "O yes," she answered with a jaded gait.
  • stacked Halberds and muskets, which had been stacked, were seized by their owners and, amid the beating of drums and blare of trumpets, order arose out of the confusion.
  • staged The time was coming when the old play would be staged again and new actors would arise to carry it through.
  • tacker
  • tad I can't believe he ate my tad.
  • tagged I think I am going to tag you in my photo so everyone can see it.
  • take
  • taken
  • takeout We ordered takeout and ate in the living room.
  • taker
  • tamed Lena was sick of being tamed by her father.
  • taped
  • tate
  • ted That outfit looks great on you, Teds.
  • tied I'm so tied up tonight, I can't even think.
  • toed I stepped on his toed, he yelped.
  • toke
  • tracked The dog was tracked through the mud.
  • tucked I tucked my shirt in carefully.
  • tyke I'm not sure if I should bring the tyke or not.
  • Caked To see them that day gave little idea of their smartness; they both were black with grime and smoke, with beards that had no right to be there, creeping over their faces, boots caked with mud to the knees, and a general air of having seen activities at very close quarters.
  • Diked I need to ditch this shirt before my date arrives.
  • Gated Residents of the gated community are not allowed to leave the premises.
  • Raked After we raked all of the leaves, there was an overwhelming smell of rotting leaves.
  • Tacked It was tacky to tack on an extra charge for parking.
  • Tackled The referee signals for the ball to be kicked off and the opposing team tackles the receiver.
  • Talked During our conversation she shared her experiences which made me realize I had been talking to a walking talking encyclopedia.
  • Tared
  • Tasked
  • Taxed The government taxes us to pay for their own expenses.
  • Ticked I have a ticked off boss.
  • Waked The party was waked by the sound of laughter.
  • Teed Teed is a popular brand of sneakers.
  • Staked
  • Tusked The tiger had a tusked snout.
  • takes It is important to take your time when cooking.
  • faked
  • togaed The room was filled with the sound of togaed laughter
  • tanked I am tanking on this midterm.
  • tweaked I needed to tweak the firmware on my computer.
  • taxied She was taxied to the hospital.
  • stoked I'm so stoked for this party!

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