What is the correct spelling for TAMMARIN?

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Correct spelling for TAMMARIN

We think the word tammarin is a misspelling. It could be just an incorrect spelling of the words which are suggested below. Review the list and pick the word which you think is the most suitable.

Possible correct spellings for tammarin

  • catamaran 3. Steam-vessels with the wheels inside; in fact, a double boat or catamaran, with the machinery amid-ships.
  • hammering "The fact is," Gage went on, hammering one fist on the other emphatically, "money by itself is a delusion and a daily eye-opener.
  • marian They made me think of Miss Charlotte and Miss Marian when first I went there, though plainer dressed a good deal than our young ladies were.
  • marina She was glad when nine o'clock struck and Marina, lighting a candle, told her to go to bed.
  • marine Scientists have found the harbor and immediate neighborhood of Trincomalee remarkable not only for the reasons already named, but more especially for its unique shells and interesting forms of marine life.
  • motrin
  • stammering They hoped to keep it such until the lad could speak a "whole piece" without stammering.
  • tamarind The tamarind-tree is by preference chosen by this bird for its nest; at least the three I saw were all on tamarind-trees.
  • tammany Q. Was ever any contribution solicited of you by Tammany Hall or by the Police?
  • tampering There's never any sign of tampering with the locks, no sign of breaking and entering, no sign of any alarms being tampered with in any way.
  • tearing But directly the ape felt the wet cloth touch his skin he snatched it instantly from the hands of the barber and commenced tearing it in pieces.
  • terrain The general setting is gently rolling terrain, and the courthouse site is on a slightly higher elevation than the surrounding area, with stone retaining walls on the two sides facing the turnpike and road.
  • train Miss Tredgold, Verena, and Pauline met the train.
  • trimaran
  • truman Form Y. By Truman L. Kelley, Lewis M. Terman and Giles M. Ruch.
  • turin "I intend," said I, "to pay you a visit at Turin."
  • Damming From time to time the stream stopped in its flow, the roar began and the great fields of ice were squeezed and piled upward, sometimes as high as thirty feet, damming up the water behind, so that it rapidly rose and ran out over the low places, casting on the shore great masses of ice.
  • Morin They were still some distance behind when he and Morin reached the house.
  • Taming 1. 29; Taming of the Shrew, i.
  • Tarring
  • Taring
  • Tramming
  • Darin Then ol' man Dort marched to the center o' the street, carryin' his cage as though it was full o' diamonds; an' Ben Butler sat up an' chattered as if he was darin' the whole race o' squirrels to bring forth his equal.
  • Marion But do you think it very good taste for you to figure publicly on the sawdust with an eccentric girl like Marion?"
  • Marin As the district of Cimatan was particularly refractory, and Captain Luis Marin could not conveniently send a body of troops to that place, I and three other Spaniards were sent there to endeavour to prevail on the people to submit.
  • Tamara
  • Tamera
  • Tamra
  • yammering

265 words made from the letters tammarin

5 letter words made from tammarin:

aiman, imaan, maman, mnari, marat, rinat, anmar, timan, miata, iraan, amant, arati, arnim, manai, irama, atmar, maria, ritam, atina, mimar, mamai, ramin, manat, airan, atrai, trian, narai, tiara, inara, nirta, matan, marim, antam, aarti, ranat, nimar, mamia, riaan, manti, mitar, tiaan, mamin, mitra, tamin, raita, atami, imara, maran, inarm, aamir, timar, manta, manam, minar, taani, ratin, maiar, taian, ramat, anima, tarma, intar, tarna, aimar, nitra, aimat, armia, namam, timra, rimma, miraa, mania, matir, arain, amman, miram, miana, raima, maati, ramia, matar, amami, antai, ratna, ritan, riant, amari, mamta, intra, amnia, naira, amati, armin, marti, matia, maram, maart, matam, amain, timna, ranta, amnat, tamim, ratan, mirat, anari, antim, riata, tanam, train, taman, taira, matri, atmia, matai, amran, tmaai, tamam, tiran, arani, maina, rinta, artin, ramna, marmi, trani.

3 letter words made from tammarin:

mam, air, nim, mar, man, tan, ain, ant, mit, arm, tai, ana, rna, tam, min, rim, tia, nit, tin, ani, aar, ram, iaa, ira, atm, tar, nmr, rit, mat, tri, aim, mri, trm, rat, ara, art.

6 letter words made from tammarin:

manati, tanaim, amrani, mimran, maitar, martin, namita, tamina, manami, ritman, artman, amarin, antrim, marina, amanti, amtman, ramian, imraan, armati, imamat, mantar, ramman, mamani, marant, aramin, matman, marani, mirman, martim, maiman, traian, tamani, narita, tanami, aminat, ratnam, rianta, namtar, mirant, tammar, mantia, traina, mantra, timana, ramani, mantri, tirana, martan, ammari, maitra, imatra, armant, matina, tarman, airman, marian.

4 letter words made from tammarin:

7 letter words made from tammarin:

mantram, tamarin, mantria, martian, ntimama, maniram.

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