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How to spell TAMMED correctly?

If you've accidentally typed "tammed" instead of the word you intended, there are a few possible correct suggestions. It could be "tamed", meaning to domesticate or make something less wild. Another option might be "dammed", which refers to blocking or controlling water flow. Context is crucial in determining the intended correction.

List of suggestions on how to spell tammed correctly

  • Dammed
  • dimmed The lights were dimmed to create a more intimate atmosphere in the restaurant.
  • hammed
  • jammed My printer jammed and I had to spend an hour fixing it.
  • Lammed
  • Rammed
  • stemmed
  • tame
  • tamed The once wild horse was now tamed and able to be ridden by its new owner.
  • tamer The circus hired a new lion tamer for their upcoming show.
  • Tammi Tammi said she would be late to the meeting.
  • Tammie Tammie was excited to try the new restaurant in town.
  • tammy I'm looking for my little tammy.
  • Tamped The grounds were tamped down following the incident.
  • Teamed The team was teamed up with another team for the competition.
  • Teemed
  • Termed I am going to be termed a felon.
  • timed She timed her run perfectly, finishing just as the finish line approached.
  • Trammed The coal was trammed out of the mine on a daily basis.
  • trimmed I finally trimmed the overgrown bushes in the backyard.

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