What is the correct spelling for TANGERAY?

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Correct spelling for TANGERAY

We think the word tangeray is a misspelling. It could be just an incorrect spelling of the words which are suggested below. Review the list and pick the word which you think is the most suitable.

Possible correct spellings for tangeray

  • angora In the Angora flocks of Asia Minor one always finds some colored goats.
  • angry Percy arose from the table flushed and angry.
  • danger I must run into danger, like the rest of women."
  • deanery John Moseley had been able to find out exactly the hour they breakfasted at the deanery, the length of time it took Egerton's horses to go the distance between that house and the hall; and on the sixth morning after the departure of his aunt, John's bays were in his phaeton, and allowing ten minutes for the mile and a half to the park gates, John had got happily off his own territories, before he met the tilbury travelling eastward.
  • tanager And now the flow of legal reiteration and alliteration ceased for a moment, and I listened to the buzzing of a marabunta wasp and the warbling of a blue tanager among the fronds.
  • tancred Nevertheless Earley went to the back door and asked Hannah to inform her mistress that "Mr. Tancred had taken Mazter Tony along of 'im."
  • tangelo
  • tangerine
  • tangier
  • tangiers
  • tangle
  • tango
  • tangy
  • tanker
  • tannery
  • tantra
  • tinkerer
  • vinegary
  • tankers
  • dangers 2. What dangers to health are common at this time?
  • tanagers There were warblers, cardinals, tanagers, waxwings, song-sparrows, and chickadees.
  • tang Lying thus high and dry, Church Stretton is one of the healthiest places imaginable, thanks to pure water, and mountain breezes fraught with an invigorating tang from their journey over leagues of gorse, heather and bracken.

346 words made from the letters tangeray

3 letter words made from tangeray:

ern, ant, tea, gat, ate, aga, art, era, tag, yea, are, gar, eat, aar, ara, rye, gen, ert, rat, ney, ayr, teg, ret, gay, any, tar, tay, ane, tyr, tan, nay, rya, ter, nag, yet, erg, ent, ten, eta, try, yen, ana, net, ear, get, age, rag, ray, rna.

4 letter words made from tangeray:

engy, naga, rany, ayre, rana, teny, tare, neat, yane, geta, tyga, gayt, nytr, raag, gaen, nget, reny, egna, gean, atay, tang, nyte, naty, tery, arey, ante, tean, trey, rega, ngae, tera, gaya, ayer, anga, aery, anar, gyre, rayt, gran, rent, gray, etna, nyra, gnat, naye, trna, nega, agar, gary, tray, reay, aney, gent, ayna, nagy, tyng, erny, tarn, gaan, rant, yana, area, gear, ytre, rage, ryne, aare, tear, tern, ayte, grey, earn, yeta, agra, yant, rate, yeng, eyra, near, tary, atar, nyet, yarn, anay, ayat, tany, eang, tyre, yaga, year, erya, ayar, gaea, arty, aaye, ayan, ynet, nary, gynt, gate, tyne, tyge, tara.

5 letter words made from tangeray:

gater, ragen, erany, anger, agent, yenga, aygen, ngata, angra, agnea, grant, aygre, eytan, agran, nayar, ntare, gatra, garet, yanga, ragna, garat, ateya, atryn, rangy, ratae, aryne, teary, angry, grate, rayan, aryan, atagy, gante, range, neary, yagan, renga, arena, angar, ganta, taang, tagen, ranat, arang, retag, agner, agnar, ganey, atray, ganar, gayen, tayra, earnt, taean, agate, yearn, yaren, geyan, geant, grean, nager, ganay, arent, ayant, ertan, ranta, yenta, tayar, yatra, ayane, ratey, angat, tangy, ratan, arany, garay, gayer, graet, agren, terna, yeang, tyner, renta, gayan, raney, ranga, ratna, neyra, tenga, etgar, reang, tarea, natya, yanta, yarta, garea, tayag, angre, negra, nagar, yagna, negar, naret, gryet, gaeta, tange, entry, taeng, etang, reata, tarna, great, agena, ryang, netra, ngara, tagar, yater, graea, tager, yrent, nayer, regna, anter, graae, tanga, taney, tegra, ayran.

7 letter words made from tangeray:

anyrate, teranga, agentry, taeyang, tanager, garanty, yeargan, reynaga.

6 letter words made from tangeray:

garant, argent, gyrate, negara, gentry, artena, gearan, gantar, nartey, argant, neagra, granat, rayage, tangra, retana, renaat, terang, rangae, anergy, yarang, garnet, agneta, yantra, gaytan, angary, nagare, agneya, graney, garate, garten, grenaa, ganter, enyart, tenaga, tangye, gayane, garney, atreya, eartag, atrane, agnate, natera, enayat, arnage, tarney, granta, yareta, trayne, reagan, tanger, arenga, gentra, yantar, gantry, gratae, tarang, ternay.

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