How to spell TANOY correctly?

We think the word tanoy is a misspelling. It could be just an incorrect spelling of the words which are suggested below. Review the list and pick the word which you think is the most suitable.

List of suggestions on how to spell tanoy correctly

  • annoy I promise you, dear gracious one, never to annoy you by revealing my feelings again.
  • any Have you any more to say?
  • tan Dorcas knew her hair was beautiful, and that her skin, in spite of its tan, was sweetly pink; but she also knew that the fashion of her sleeves was two years old, and that no earthly power could bring the gloss of youth to her worn shoes again.
  • taney In the course of his decision, Judge Taney used the following language: It is difficult, at this day, to realize the state of public opinion which prevailed in the civilized and enlightened portions of the world at the time of the Declaration of Independence, and when the Constitution was framed and adopted in relation to that unfortunate race.
  • tango No doubt our children and our children's children will read in the text-books that the first decade of the twentieth century was distinguished as the age when the auto and tango came into use, and people learned to fly, and grown men wore bracelet watches and carried their handkerchiefs up their cuffs; and they will repine because they, too, did not live in those stirring times.
  • tangy Lumburger Belgium Semisoft and tangy dessert cheese.
  • tank Peggy, sitting in the tank, crowned with gold and scarlet leaves, and dripping like Undine, was certainly a funny spectacle.
  • tansy Leaning his head against a cushion, and folding his arms on his breast, Lavretzky gazed at the strips of ploughed land, in fan-shape, which flew past, at the willow-trees slowly flitting by, at the stupid crows and daws gazing with dull suspicion askance at the passing equipage, at the long strips of turf between the cultivated sections, overgrown with artemisia, wormwood, and wild tansy; he gazed ... and that fresh, fertile nakedness and wildness of the steppe, that verdure, those long hillocks, the ravines with stubby oak bushes, the grey hamlets, the flexible birch-trees,-this whole Russian picture, which he had not seen for a long time, wafted into his soul sweet and, at the same time, painful sensations, weighed on his breast with a certain agreeable oppression.
  • tao And if such security is to be got from wine, how much more is it to be got from Tao?
  • tarn But it is not so much what one catches in Loch Beg, as the monsters which one might catch that make the tarn so desirable.
  • tawney Tawney had told them in so many words that there would be trouble, and they had come out anyway, just begging for it.
  • tawny I think Nikolai wanted to spare the little tawny lady.
  • teeny "You were a teeny bit Pickled about Two, when you tried to upset the Lunch Wagon, but I don't think any one Noticed it," said Mr. Byrd.
  • ten I looked at my watch-it was ten o'clock.
  • tenor "Fabri has a tenor voice," wrote Mrs. Pendarves, "sweet, clear and firm, but not strong enough, I doubt, for the stage.
  • tin She opened a tin of sardines and came back to the fire with it in her hands.
  • tinny It is a nice trick to give that peculiar tinny sound to a whisper.
  • tiny The young lady clapped her tiny white hands for joy.
  • tn The paper having been placed in the printing frame, the frame is set up, as seen in the [TN: following] cut, and the door in the side of the lantern opened, which permits the white light from the lamp to fall upon the surface of the negative; an exposure of from 5 to 10 seconds is all that will be necessary, even in case the negative is quite dense; a thin negative will print with less exposure, say 3 to 5 seconds, at a distance of from 12 to 15 inches from the light.
  • ton These great Gothas were each capable of dropping nearly a ton of bombs.
  • tone The tone puzzled him.
  • toy If so-if it might be-the world would be my toy, to play with as I like!
  • tun Edwin had had ample opportunity, while teaching the young members of noble families, to compare the furnishing of the "tun" with the luxurious arrangements of city houses.
  • tunny There was also served oxygarum made in the fisheries of New Carthage-a paste of tunny milt, loaded with salt and vinegar, which excited the palate, stimulating one to drink wine.
  • Dan I suppose Dan didn't break it?
  • Tony Tony was already out.
  • Tanya Alan and Tanya looked after them with affectionate amusement, but Professor Larrabee seemed withdrawn and a little sad, as though they evoked memories of a time now lost to him forever.
  • Toni She would say nothing more to him now, save to point out what his betrothal to Toni demanded from him as a man of honor, and what a fatal error it had been to allow another to influence him even for an hour.
  • Danny "In summer I sometimes put my nest just a few inches under ground, but often I hide it under a piece of bark or in a thick clump of grass, just as Danny Meadow Mouse often does his.
  • Tania Quite seriously and gently Tania knelt on one knee and kissed Mrs. Curtis's hand.
  • Taine So Taine insisted, adding that this foremost place is also "accorded to Goethe, among the writers of our century; to Rembrandt among the Dutch painters; to Titian among the Venetians."
  • TANS After which, failing to get employment because patriots are not required in the city, he volunteered for the Black and Tans.
  • tang Harvest had all been gathered in at Cloom, the threshing was over, the grain lay in heaps, grey-green and golden, in the barn, or had been sold and taken away, and the first tang of early autumn was in the air. The peewits had come down and were mewing in the dappled skies, and on the telegraph wires the high-shouldered swallows sat in rows preparing for flight; in the hedgerows the dead hemlocks, brittle as fine shells, were ready to scatter their pale seeds at a touch, and the blackberries, on which as the West Country saying has it, the devil had already laid his finger, were filmed with mildew.

List of 29 words made from the word tanoy

3 letter words made from tanoy:

any, nay, not, tan, tay, ant, toy, tao, oat, yon, ton.

5 letter words made from tanoy:

nyota, ayton, atony.

4 letter words made from tanoy:

ayon, yant, naty, yoan, noya, tany, otay, yano, yont, yota, taon, nato, oaty, tayo, onay.

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