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How to spell TANTED correctly?

If you've unintentionally misspelled "tanted", here are a few possible correct suggestions. It's possible you meant "wanted", which refers to a desire or need for something. Alternatively, you might have been looking for "tinted", meaning colored or shaded. Double-check the context to determine the appropriate correction.

List of suggestions on how to spell tanted correctly

  • anted
  • canted The old painting hung in a canted position on the wall, threatening to fall at any moment.
  • daunted The size of the task ahead of me daunted me at first, but I slowly gained the confidence and achieved success.
  • dented
  • Panted The exhausted runner panted heavily as he crossed the finish line.
  • Ranted She ranted about her terrible day for hours.
  • tainted She was tainted by the experience.
  • tanked I downed some imported German beer, and then tanked it with a rail of Tennessee sour mash.
  • tanned After lying out in the sun all day, she returned home with a beautifully tanned complexion.
  • Tasted I tasted the spicy salsa and immediately reached for my water glass.
  • tatted She showed off her new tatted sleeve at the summer festival.
  • Taunted I was taunted by my classmates when I was embarrassed.
  • Tended
  • Tented The group of hikers spent the night in a tented campsite.
  • tinted She wore a tinted green sweater.
  • wanted I wanted to go to the party last night, but I had to study.

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