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How to spell TARCE correctly?

If "tarce" is a misspelling, here are some potential suggestions for correction: "trace", "tarpe", "tarde" or "tarne". Double-checking the context of usage and consulting a reliable dictionary or spell-check tool may assist in finding the appropriate word to replace "tarce."

List of suggestions on how to spell tarce correctly

  • ace
  • dace The dace is a small, freshwater fish native to Europe and Asia.
  • dance
  • Darcy Darcy is the lead character in Jane Austen's novel Pride and Prejudice.
  • dare I dare you to jump off the cliff into the water.
  • face She smiled and turned her face to the sun.
  • farce The play turned out to be a farce with ridiculous situations and unrealistic characters.
  • lace
  • mace The security guard was armed with a mace to protect himself from any potential attackers.
  • Marcie Marcie is my best friend from high school.
  • pace I need to take my pace.
  • race I was so nervous before the race that I could barely tie my shoes.
  • tack I need to buy some tack so I can ride my horse.
  • taco I always order a taco for lunch.
  • take
  • tale The bedtime tale was so exciting that the little girl stayed wide awake for hours.
  • tame We were able to tame the wolf by feeding her twice a day.
  • tape I need to tape this to the wall so I can see it while I work.
  • tar The tar was sticky and it took a while to get it off my hands.
  • tara Her name is Tara and she is beautiful.
  • tare The tare was added to the side of the pork to reduce its weight.
  • tares The field was dotted with the burnt-out husks of crops, the leaves crunched underfoot like dried tares
  • tarn The tarn was nestled among the rugged mountain peaks, shimmering in the early morning light.
  • taro I am going to try a new recipe with taro root tonight.
  • taros I caught a taros in my net.
  • tarp I used a tarp to cover my sleeping bag.
  • TARPS There are large tarps over the windows.
  • Tars The Tars were unknown to the humans.
  • Tarsi She always liked to eat at the Tarsi restaurant.
  • tart She made a delicious apple tart for dessert.
  • TARTS I love to bake fruit tarts on the weekends.
  • taste I have a very sensitive taste buds.
  • tate The tate held her breath as she crept through the museum, her heart racing in her chest.
  • terse The email was terse, to the point.
  • tire
  • tore She accidentally tore her shirt when it got caught on a branch while hiking.
  • trace The detective was able to trace the suspect's footsteps back to the crime scene.
  • tree The tree is tall and stands tall in the middle of the park.
  • trice I'll be back in a trice, I just need to grab some groceries.
  • truce The opposing sides finally reached a truce after months of fighting.
  • true
  • twice I had to remind him twice to take out the trash.
  • tyre

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