Correct spelling for TARGIT

We think the word targit is a misspelling. It could be just an incorrect spelling of the words which are suggested below. Review the list and pick the word which you think is the most suitable.

Possible correct spellings for targit

  • argot Finding therefore, it was impossible to move me, my adversary finished by getting tired of roaring and abusing; and having rubbed the perspiration from his distorted face with a force which seemed as if he would rub his nose off, he turned on his heel with the grace of a wild boar that had received a brace of balls in his haunches,-looking me fiercely in the face, and pouring forth as a last broadside, a dozen of oaths in the true argot style, which seemed to dry up the very plants near him, and silenced the frogs that were croaking in the Mare.
  • cart So the cart was brought, and granny and grandfather sat on the little wooden seat, while Jessie sat on a rug in the bottom of the cart, at their feet.
  • dart Confounded by this reproach, Henry eagerly snatched up the paper, and his eye instantly fell on the fatal paragraph-the poisoned dart that struck the death-blow to all that now remained to him of happiness-the fond idea that, even amidst childish folly and capricious estrangement, still in the main he was beloved!
  • digit These are nearly filled with crushed ore, which is likewise covered with ashes to a depth of two digits and tamped in. The pots are covered with lids a digit thick, and they are smeared over on the inside with liquid litharge, and on the lid are placed heavy stones.
  • gait Smelling me, he snorted violently, and very quickly shuffled away, astonishing me with the speed of his clumsy gait.
  • tacit Milly knew she was different in truth-his own difference was his own affair; but also she knew that, after all, even at their distinctest, Lord Mark's "tips" in this line would be tacit.
  • tact On yet another occasion he had an experience that taxed his tact and strength to the utmost.
  • tag Miss Tag-rag had been before her glass ever since the instant of her return from chapel, up to within ten minutes' time of Titmouse's arrival.
  • tagged The object of the game is for the foxes to cross the wheel to some opposite point without being tagged by the hunter.
  • taint She was consciously ahead of them in the knowledge that her father had been, without the taint of gambling, a beneficent speculator.
  • target He could follow his target as though a magnetic power attracted his rifle.
  • tart Another tart, Cooks, and yet another!
  • tat
  • taught
  • taut
  • tort
  • tract
  • trait
  • trite
  • turgid
  • Git Git two, an' I'll take Mis' Gorman."
  • Targeted Located to the South of Buenos Aires, Roca Park is a vast area of 200 hectares in the district of Villa Soldati, a neighborhood that has been targeted by the local Government in need of urban development.
  • Tarot I do not here mean that I am acquainted with orders and fraternities in which such doctrine reposes and is there found to be part of higher Tarot knowledge.
  • targets Our Baas or captain kept on board to save himself, but sent us corslets, two-handed swords, pikes, muskets, and targets, so that we were well laden with weapons, but had neither courage nor discretion, for we staid at our tents besieged by savages and cows.
  • KART Formula One circuits (see list of Formula One circuits) Kart circuit, a race track designed for kart racing
  • taiga This ecoregion is a mountainous area of ridges up to 1200m between high volcanic peaks up to 2500m, located on the southern, Pacific Ocean side of the Alaska Peninsula from Cook Inlet west through the Kodiak Archipelago to Unimak Island at the beginning of the Aleutian Islands chain, while the area around Cook Inlet at the head of the peninsula is the neighbouring Cook Inlet taiga ecoregion.
  • tarty
  • single-case A consecutive controlled case series (CCCS) is a clinical study that involves aggregating multiple cases consecutively encountered wherein an experimentally controlled single-case experimental design was employed with each case.
  • jawline He was affecting bored bravado, laughing loudly as the girl hesitated, but white streaks had appeared along his jawline and across his temples as he waited his turn.

45 words made from the letters targit

3 letter words made from targit:

rag, art, tat, gat, rig, ira, tit, air, tia, rit, rat, tai, tar, gar, tag, tri, iga.

4 letter words made from targit:

5 letter words made from targit:

gatti, ratti, grita, tirta, gaitt, ittar, triga, raitt, trait, tirat, tigar, tragi, gitar, tarig.

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