How to spell TARJA correctly?

We think the word tarja is a misspelling. It could be just an incorrect spelling of the words which are suggested below. Review the list and pick the word which you think is the most suitable.

List of suggestions on how to spell tarja correctly

  • ajar On the other hand he thought: "She is fifteen years old, therefore she has been ready for some time; the door of her emotions is ajar.
  • car One was just dying, the other they brought back in the car, but he died also.
  • card Frieda and Frances were in my room, that afternoon, when the card arrived.
  • cart "Corry," said Port, "how'll they do it,-cart the snow away?"
  • dark He's as afraid of the dark as they are.
  • gar She will wake me at some unearthly hour and say: 'Come on, Boodles, we must hurry up to the top of Gar Tor and worship the sun.
  • jar There seemed to be such a very decided difference of opinion that the jar wouldn't hold all that they were saying."
  • parka Chloe's bed had not been slept in, and her parka was missing from its peg upon the wall.
  • rajah The Rajah has talked about you for a long time, saying how lovely you were, only that you were so fair."
  • stark "No," he ses, "it isn't Bill; it's Joseph and Emily, stark and stiff, and they've on'y been married a week.
  • ta Say Ta-ta, and we'll be off."
  • tack "Now, look here; you go on a different tack.
  • tacky I don't care for the tacky decorations in your house.
  • taco
  • taegu She always dreamed of going to Taegu, but never had the chance.
  • tag I need a new tag for my shopping list.
  • take I will take the trash out.
  • taker I'm the taker at this party.
  • tao
  • tar I never look down when I'm walking because I might step in a tar puddle.
  • tara I always enjoy going to Tara's bar because it's always lively and fun.
  • tardy
  • tare The tare weighs 2 ounces.
  • tarmac
  • tarn
  • taro
  • tarp It was a bit too hot to be wearing a tarp on a hot day.
  • tarry I can't wait to get home to see how Aunt Pam is doing, she's been such a worry tarry since the
  • tart I'll have the tart with your coffee.
  • tartar All of the dolphins seemed to be looking at the huge white fish swimming alongside the ship.
  • tau The tau particle plays an important role in the mathematics of the universe.
  • tax
  • tea I always have tea when I visit my grandmother.
  • tear
  • teargas
  • toga
  • tojo Before the war, Tojo was a bright detective.
  • tor We watched the tormented soul of the farmer leap from the window.
  • tray I found a leftover tray of crepes in the kitchen.
  • turk I visited a Turkish restaurant.
  • Tarsi
  • Terra
  • Dar Jest out dar in de bresh.
  • Tasha
  • Darla
  • Tania Tania works as a model.
  • Tars I have a rosary with a Tars crucifix.
  • TR TR went to the store.
  • ADJ COY, adj. quiet, A 119, E 2; coy, shy, L. 1548.
  • KART Tom was driving a kart around the track.
  • RAGA I'll fight you with all my strength, Ragna.
  • taiga
  • tarty I don't think that's what I wanted to wear tonight. It's a bit too tart.

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