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How to spell TASER correctly?

When confronted with the misspelling "taser", there are a few possible correct suggestions that could be made. One option is to spell it with a "z" instead of an "s", resulting in the word "tazer". Another option would be to use the trademarked term "TASER" instead, which is spelled with all capital letters.

List of suggestions on how to spell taser correctly

  • laser
  • maser It was a maser which produced the strange light.
  • taker The company was in need of a risk taker to lead their new product development team.
  • takers The company is seeking to reduce the number of takers.
  • tamer She is a more peaceful animal tamer.
  • tamers The circus tamers bravely trained the wild animals to perform tricks.
  • taper I prefer a straighter taper.
  • tapers due to the heat of the sun, the tapers were melting.
  • tar The asphalt road was sticky with tar.
  • tare I put a tare in my potato salad to make itSecretly Vegan.
  • task I need to get my task done.
  • TASS I hope I don't forget my TASS memory card at the airport.
  • tassel She had a beautiful necklace made of freshwater pearls and a delicate gold tassel.
  • taste I'm going to have to pass on the food because I don't really enjoy the taste.
  • taster I'll give you a taster of what we have in store.
  • tastier This tuna melt is tastier than the one at the bakery.
  • tater I love making homemade tater tots for brunch.
  • TATERS I love to make mashed potatoes with red-skinned taters.
  • taxer The taxer imposed new regulations on small businesses.
  • tease He likes to tease his sister by hiding her favorite book.
  • teased He teased her with the ring.
  • teasel I'm going to teasel you for five minutes.
  • teaser Always a teaser, this video is sure to keep you wanting more.
  • teasers The movie's teasers left me excited to see the full trailer.
  • teases He teases his friends all the time, but they know he means well.
  • tester The tester found multiple bugs in the software during the quality assurance process.
  • tier I'm tier 5 in the system.
  • toaster I need to put some bread in the toaster to make breakfast.
  • tosser
  • tracer The police were following the trail of the tracer rounds.

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