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How to spell TASSAE correctly?

Possible correct suggestions for the misspelling "tassae" could be "tasse" or "tassels". "Tasse" is a French word meaning "cup" or "saucer" and may be used in the context of coffee or tea. "Tassels" refer to the decorative threads on the end of a garment or a piece of furniture.

List of suggestions on how to spell tassae correctly

  • Assad The United Nations has accused President Assad of committing war crimes during the Syrian civil war.
  • Assam Assam tea is a black tea variety grown in the Indian state of Assam.
  • Assay The researcher performed an assay to determine the concentration of the compound in the sample.
  • ASSE
  • Cassie Cassie and her friends were planning a trip to the beach next weekend.
  • Hassan Hassan is my new roommate, and he seems like a really great guy.
  • Hassle I prefer online shopping because it saves me the hassle of going to the physical store.
  • Lassa Lassa fever is a severe viral disease that can be transmitted to humans from infected rats.
  • Lassie Lassie always saved the day in the old TV show.
  • Massage I went to the spa and got a full-body massage.
  • Nassau Nassau is known as the capital city of The Bahamas.
  • Passage The narrow passage was too dark for me to see the way.
  • Passe The fashion trend from last season can be considered passe now.
  • Tarsal The tarsal bones make up part of the ankle and foot.
  • Tase The officer had to tase the suspect to subdue him.
  • Tasha Tasha is known for her amazing cooking skills and always has people over for dinner parties.
  • Tasman The Tasman Glacier in New Zealand's South Island is the largest glacier in the country.
  • TASS TASS is a major Russian news agency.
  • Tassel I hung a tassel on my graduation cap.
  • Taste I can't wait to taste the delicious pasta dish that my grandmother always makes.
  • Tessa Tessa is a good listener and always gives great advice.
  • Tessie Tessie was ecstatic when she found out she had won the grand prize in the raffle.
  • Tissue She grabbed a tissue and wiped away her tears.
  • Tussle The two rival gangs engaged in a violent tussle over control of the territory.
  • Vassal The vassal pledged loyalty and military service to his lord in exchange for land and protection.
  • Vassar My cousin attended Vassar College and graduated with honors.
  • WASSCE I passed my WASSCE with flying colors and got accepted into my dream university.

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