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How to spell TATING correctly?

If you accidentally typed "tating" instead of the intended word, "stating", don't fret! Autocorrect mishaps happen to everyone. To rectify this error, simply edit it to 'stating' ensuring your intended meaning is conveyed accurately. Remember, even tiny typos can be easily fixed with a quick proofread before submitting any written work!

List of suggestions on how to spell tating correctly

  • Bating I was bating my head against the wall to get the blood flowing.
  • darting The rabbit was darting through the field, trying to evade the predator.
  • dating
  • doting My grandfather was always doting on my little sister, buying her gifts and taking her out for ice cream.
  • eating
  • gating The gating system is designed to control the flow of materials into a machine.
  • Hating I may not be good at algebra, but I'm hating it less each day.
  • mating The mating ritual of some birds involves elaborate dances and colorful displays.
  • rating I checked the rating of the movie on IMDb before deciding whether to watch it or not.
  • Sating Sating her hunger, she dove into the delicious meal.
  • Stating
  • taking She was taking a break from her studies to relax and unwind.
  • Taming She was taming the wild horse.
  • taping I will be taping the performance so we can watch it later.
  • Taring I ordered a taring because I was thirsty.
  • tasting I am looking forward to tasting the various flavors of ice cream at the shop.
  • tatting She spends most of her free time tatting delicate lace doilies to give as gifts to friends and family.
  • Tiding The cheerful tiding that they had won the tournament spread throughout the entire school.
  • Tooting The sound of cars tooting echoed through the streets during rush hour.
  • Toting She was toting a heavy suitcase on her journey.
  • Totting Mother reached over and tapped Totting on the shoulder.
  • Touting The company was touting their new product to potential investors at the conference.

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