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How to spell TATSES correctly?

If you have misspelled "tatses", there are a few suggestions you might consider. First, you might try "tastes" which is the correct spelling for the word. Second, if you meant to spell a different word, you could try "tassels" or "taxis" depending on the context.

List of suggestions on how to spell tatses correctly

  • daises The field was covered in a bed of daises.
  • dates I have a stack of dates for snacking.
  • patsies He used his victims as patsies to cover his guilt.
  • statuses I need to update my social media statuses.
  • taluses The steep taluses of the mountain were covered in thick vegetation.
  • tarsus The tarsus is the segment of the leg in vertebrates that lies between the knee and the ankle.
  • Tastes She tastes the soup before adding more seasoning.
  • TATS She has beautiful tats on her arms.
  • tatters The old rag doll was covered in tatters.
  • Tatties I love to make homemade chips with tatties that I grow in my garden.
  • tattles She always tattles on her brother.
  • Taxes
  • teases My younger brother always teases me about my height.
  • tenses I have to study English in three different tenses.
  • titles The titles of her books reflect her love of history.
  • tosses He tosses the ball to his friend across the yard.
  • tsetses I put my tsetses on the table.

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