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How to spell TAZED correctly?

If you find yourself misspelling "tazed" as "tazed", here are some correct alternatives. The correct spelling of the term is "tased", derived from "TASER" (an electroshock weapon). So be sure to spell it as "tased" to accurately represent the intended meaning.

List of suggestions on how to spell tazed correctly

  • ACED She aced her math exam thanks to all the studying she did.
  • daze After the car accident, the driver was in a daze and couldn't remember what happened.
  • dazed
  • Dozed
  • fazed
  • Gazed The crowd gazed in awe as the fireworks lit up the night sky.
  • Hazed Police said the victim was hazed, or bullied, by the suspect.
  • jazzed I was jazzed to see her perform.
  • Lazed After finishing her work, she lazed on the couch for an hour.
  • razed The entire village was razed to the ground after the devastating earthquake.
  • razzed I was so razzed by the other team that I didn't score.
  • sated I was truly sated after that meal.
  • tabbed I tabbed over to the next page of the document.
  • Tacked
  • tad I tacked on an extra twenty minutes to my work shift today because I had such a good time at Tad's party last
  • tagged The police department tagged the stolen items as evidence.
  • tailed
  • tamed After being tamed, the tiger was front-page news.
  • tanned She spent hours lying in the sun and swimming in the pool, and as a result, her skin became beautifully tanned.
  • taped He had his hands taped behind his back.
  • tapped The soldier tapped the shoulder of the man in front of him.
  • Tared
  • Tarred After being tarred and feathered, the thief was ready to plead his case to the judge.
  • Tasked I have been tasked with organizing the company's digital files.
  • Tasted
  • tate She always keeps a clean tate.
  • tater I love to eat tater tots with my hamburger.
  • tatted I'm not sure if I should start tatted or not.
  • Taxed I feel taxed after working for 12 hours straight.
  • taxied The plane taxied slowly to the runway before taking off.
  • Teamed I teamed up with my co-worker to finish the project before the deadline.
  • teased My friend teased me by bringing a cake she knew I'd love.
  • ted Ted is going to meet us at the restaurant.
  • Teed The company Teed manufactures custom golf clubs.
  • tied
  • toed She toed the line, ready to start the race.
  • traced
  • zed One zed I see.

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