How to spell TAZER correctly?

We think the word tazer is a misspelling. It could be just an incorrect spelling of the words which are suggested below. Review the list and pick the word which you think is the most suitable.

List of suggestions on how to spell tazer correctly

  • dace I'm going to find a dace to add to my collection.
  • daze
  • dazed
  • doze Shortly after midnight, she dozed off.
  • faze
  • gaze She gazed longingly at the cityscape.
  • haze The haze was so intense that you couldn't see the cityscape in front of you.
  • laze
  • maze The maze was particularly difficult to navigate.
  • raze The tree was razed to the ground to make way for the development.
  • tacker
  • take
  • taker I always enjoy a good movie with a great Tesseract taker.
  • tale
  • tame She tried to tame her hair but it was impossible.
  • tamer It is much easier to tame a lion than to tame a tiger.
  • tanner
  • tape We need to grab some more tape.
  • taper She had a gradually tapering figure.
  • tapper The tap was so sudden that it made the dog yelp in surprise.
  • tar The smell of tar caused her to gag.
  • tare I'm going to need a tissue for that tare.
  • taster Please provide a taster of your wine.
  • tate I went to the museum to see the tate collection.
  • tater The tater tots were so good, I could've eaten an entire serving.
  • tatter
  • taxer
  • tease She teased him about his love life.
  • teaser In order to lure in customers, businesses regularly offer teaser photos or videos of new products or services.
  • tier The best way to find the tier in your company is to look at the organizational chart.
  • tosser She picked up the pieces of her shattered vase and began to toss them into the trash can.
  • tracer The tracer effect created a path of light in the air.
  • tues
  • Gazer
  • ties
  • Tagger
  • Tales I love listening to tales of old.
  • Tars I stepped on a Tars.
  • tapers
  • takes
  • dazes
  • tiers
  • tames After being captured by the hunter, the animal was tamed and led back to the compound.
  • TASS She always packs her TASS case when she goes on vacation.
  • TAPES I have some tapes of our concert.
  • TATERS I am going to order taters.
  • TAUS
  • TEES I like to wear my tees all the time.
  • TOES I have some toes that need to be clipped.
  • tares The field was beaten and the tares were gathered up.
  • tauter
  • lazier I'm a lazier person than my sister.
  • taller The taller man reached for the apple.
  • tamers Some tamers like to feed their tamers live animals.
  • takers The club is a great place for people who want to take advantage of the environment.
  • hazer He had to hazer an exit.

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  • curious
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