How to spell TEACM correctly?

We think the word teacm is a misspelling. It could be just an incorrect spelling of the words which are suggested below. Review the list and pick the word which you think is the most suitable.

List of suggestions on how to spell teacm correctly

  • acme Garth was as anxious about his wedding garments, as Jane had been indifferent over hers; but he had so often been in requisition as best-man at town weddings, that Simpson had no difficulty in turning him out in the acme of correct bridal attire.
  • cam That stan's to rizzon, ye see; but they telled me 'at ye kenned a' about whaur we a' cam frae.
  • cm Heinsius, the wise and prudent council-pensionary, continued in office until his death cm August 3, 1720, when he was succeeded by Isaac van Hoornbeck, pensionary of Rotterdam.
  • dam But that dam is certainly going."
  • dec " Decidedly the Lord Proprietor will hear of it," she said, after an interval during which he almost forgot that he had spoken.
  • gem Cyril soon lost sight of the new owner of the gem, and didn't know what to do, or where to trace it, or, still worse, what had become of Dulcie.
  • jam "All the tea-jam and all the lot," he said.
  • scam The Priority Development Assistance Fund scam, also called the PDAF scam or the pork barrel scam, is a political scandal involving the alleged misuse by several members of the Congress of the Philippines of their Priority Development Assistance Fund (PDAF, popularly called "pork barrel"), a lump-sum discretionary fund granted to each member of Congress for spending on priority development projects of the Philippine government, mostly on the national level.
  • tack I need to tack this fabric down to avoid wrinkles.
  • tacky I don't think I'll wear that tacky dress to the party.
  • taco
  • tacoma My uncle lives in Tacoma.
  • tact It pays to be a smart tactician when you're in a fight.
  • tag I'm going to tag you to make sure you don't miss my announcement.
  • talcum She applied talcum powder to her naked body.
  • tam Tamar is from Haiti.
  • tame I can't believe she's so wild; she must have been raised by lions.
  • tammy I sent my mother a gift from Tokyo, Tammy ceramic figurines.
  • tc
  • teach
  • teacup I filled her teacup with milk and put it in the microwave.
  • teak She stepped out upon the teak decking, feeling the coolness of the morning air upon her skin.
  • team In basketball, a team is nine players.
  • teem The room was filled with the sound of children teeming.
  • term I'm going to have to change my term paper to a presentation.
  • tic I couldn't stop ticcing every five minutes.
  • tm He startled her by turning around and grunting something which sounded like "tm".
  • tom
  • tram
  • tum
  • Tami
  • Tim
  • Tammi
  • teaks
  • DEM Aus dem Englischen von Antonie Zimmermann.
  • TQM

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