How to spell TEAING correctly?

We think the word teaing is a misspelling. It could be just an incorrect spelling of the words which are suggested below. Review the list and pick the word which you think is the most suitable.

List of suggestions on how to spell teaing correctly

  • beading Don Pierce, Beading on a Loom.
  • beating My heart stopped beating.
  • dealing Enough for each that death was dealing terrible destruction somewhere overhead, and that, unless every muscle were strained to the uttermost, the pathway might be filled up, and his retreat cut off.
  • dean The Dean sharply interposed.
  • ding She must get through the day without him, ding, dong, she must get through all the years!
  • eating I have heard of fishermen eating certain parts of the skates caught along here.
  • heading They went down through Saxony, heading for Austria.
  • heating You have one Pile heating-but has that never happened to a ship before, even in normal space?
  • leading As one of them was leading a horse he at once rode on to meet them.
  • reading "What," cried Mr. Felton, "what are you reading?
  • seating "I am to be commanded, Sir," he replied, seating himself, and under his ponderous bulk the chair creaked.
  • taint All Europe is infected with the taint of unbridled licence and shamelessness, in every department of life, intellectual and political.
  • taking Taking new supply; a new helping.
  • tan Having relieved his mind by this ebullition, and by kicking a small heap of tan right down into the river, he became composed.
  • taping There are two general ways that the banners are taped together: taping parallel lines every six inches along the length of the banner for its entire height, or; taping in both directions to produce 1 ft square panels.
  • tarn I spotted some trash along the side of the road.
  • teaching
  • tearing
  • teasing
  • teeming The teeming masses of people made the shopping mall seem like a safe place.
  • teen The teenager looked up from her phone to meet the gaze of the older woman.
  • telling
  • ten
  • tern I can see the sun setting in the horizon, and the stars shining bright in the sky.
  • tin She tried to cover her nose with her hand, but the tin filled the room with a horrendous smell.
  • tine I need a cleaning tine for my vacuum.
  • ting I was surprised to hear my neighborring family talking loudly tinging their garbage cans all night.
  • tinge I need to get a little closer to the shade for some sun relief.
  • tiny I am so tiny it's scary.
  • train
  • twain He was the only other soul on the small island.
  • tying
  • Taming Tommy was much pleased with this conversation; and, being both good-natured and desirous of making experiments, he determined to try his skill in taming animals.
  • Taring
  • Teaming
  • Terming I was thinking of terminology for this project.
  • Toeing
  • Treeing
  • Teeing I am going to the mall to buy some new shoes, and I am going to tee myself up for the day.
  • Tina If you want to be my friend, you're going to have to be better than Tina.
  • Taine "Art," says Taine, "is nature seen through a temperament."
  • TENN
  • tang It reeked of an assortment of things, gunpowder and charred feathers, the choking soot of burning oil, the crisp tang of a wood fire.

Misspelling of the day


  • cram
  • cream
  • creamed
  • creamer
  • creamier
  • creams
  • creamy
  • crease
  • create
  • creme