Correct spelling for TEAN

We think the word tean is a misspelling. It could be just an incorrect spelling of the words which are suggested below. Review the list and pick the word which you think is the most suitable.

Possible correct spellings for tean

  • bean "Why," said the bean, "don't you know what growing means?
  • dean 207. Swift, Jonathan, Dean of St. Patrick's: Attitude towards Irish, i.
  • jean It will have for its object the capture of the village of Mont St Jean and the cross-roads...."
  • lean Let her lean on you.
  • mean What did Finzer mean by that last gesture?
  • tan The skin of his face, indeed, refused to tan, but now, instead of a healthy and crisp white it was a colorless sallow.
  • tea I'll tak' no more tea.
  • teak Mrs. Teak settled herself squarely in her seat, and patches of blue sky, visible only to the eye of faith and her husband, failed to move her.
  • teal The wings are made of a few fibres of each of the following feathers: black and white small spotted bustard rump feather, teal, wood-duck, silver hen pheasant tail, and the silver cock pheasant tail black and white spotted feathers, the neck feather of the golden pheasant, and the red spear feather of the same bird, and at each side two small feathers of the black and white jungle cock, a black head, and topping.
  • team Finally two of them succumbed and a relief team had to be sent out from Fort Smith.
  • tear I'd like to tear it off-" "You-you're talking like a Third Avenue melodrama."
  • teat Go dress those Brats, those nasty Rats, That have a Lear so drowzy; With Vermin spread they look like Dead, Good Faith they're always Lousie: Pray hold you there, and do not swear, You are not half so sweet; You feed yours up with bit and sup, And give them a dirty Teat: My Girls, my Boys, my only Joys, Are better fed and taught than yours; You lie you Flirt, you look like Dirt, And I'll kick you out of Doors; A very good Jest, pray do your best, And Faith I'll quit your Scores.
  • teen [373-14] Teen is an old word that means trouble or anxiety.
  • ten If you do not hear of me before ten o'clock to-night, you can go to bed, and return here in the morning.
  • tern This Tern is similar to the last except that the nape is white and the white of the forehead extends in a line over the eye. The Bridled Tern is common on some of the islands of the West Indies and the Bahamas, nesting in company with the Sooty Terns and Noddies.
  • texan Yet they are; for the gorge at whose mouth they have halted is the outlet of the valley stream, where it debouches upon the Texan plain.
  • wean She was so frank with me, that she said to me of her own accord, 'Now you must exert yourself, and take some control over me, to wean me from the faults which long solitude has engendered in me.
  • Sean A Christmas Carol (1978) Marvel Classics Comics #36 adaptation, drawn by Diverse Hands, script by Doug Moench Christmas Carol (2004), drawn by Dick Matena (ISBN 9789023416432) A Christmas Carol: The Graphic Novel (2008), by Sean Michael Wilson and Mike Collins (ISBN 9781906332518).
  • Than And the Voice is more than all.
  • Tran Anopheles forattinii Wilkerson 1999 Anopheles gabaldoni Vargas 1941 Anopheles guarao Anduze & Capdevielle 1949 Anopheles intermedius* Peryassu 1908 Anopheles maculipes Theobald 1903 Anopheles malefactor Dyar & Knab 1907 Anopheles mattogrossensis Lutz & Neiva 1911 Anopheles mediopunctatus Lutz 1903 Anopheles minor Da Costa Lima 1929 Anopheles neomaculipalpis Curry 1931 Anopheles peryassui Dyar & Knab 1908 Anopheles pseudomaculipes Peryassu 1908 Anopheles punctimacula Dyar & Knab 1906 Anopheles mediopunctatus Lutz 1903 Anopheles rachoui Galvao 1952 Anopheles shannoni Davis 1931 Anopheles veruslanei Vargas 1979 Anopheles vestitipennis Dyar & Knab 1906 Series Christya (Christophers 1924) Anopheles implexus Theobald 1903 Anopheles okuensis Brunhes, le Goff & Geoffroy 1997 Series Myzorhynchus (Edwards 1932) Anopheles obscurus Grunberg 1905 Anopheles bancroftii Giles 1902 Anopheles barbirostris* Van der Wulp 1884 Anopheles pollicaris Reid 1962 Group Albotaeniatus (Reid & Knight 1961) Anopheles albotaeniatus Theobald 1903 Anopheles balerensis Mendoza 1947 Anopheles ejercitoi Mendoza 1947 Anopheles montanus Stanton & Hacker 1917 Anopheles saperoi Bohart & Ingram 1946 subspecies ohamai Ohama subspecies saperoi Bohart & Ingram Group Bancroftii (Reid & Knight 1961) Anopheles pseudobarbirostris Ludlow 1935 Anopheles bancroftii Giles 1902 subspecies bancroftii Giles subspecies barbiventris Brug Group Barbirostris (Reid & Knight 1961) Anopheles freyi Meng 1957 Anopheles koreicus Yamada & Watanabe 1918 Subgroup Barbirostris (Reid 1968) Anopheles barbirostris van der Wulp 1884 Anopheles campestris Reid 1962 Anopheles donaldi Reid 1962 Anopheles franciscoi Reid 1962 Anopheles hodgkini Reid 1962 Anopheles pollicaris Reid 1962 Subgroup Vanus (Reid 1968) Anopheles ahomi Chowdhury 1929 Anopheles barbumbrosus Strickland & Chowdhury 1927 Anopheles manalangi Mendoza 1940 Anopheles reidi Harrison 1973 Anopheles vanus Walker 1859 Group Coustani (Reid & Knight 1961) Anopheles caliginosus De Meillon 1943 Anopheles coustani Laveran 1900 Anopheles crypticus Coetzee 1994 Anopheles fuscicolor Van Someren 1947 Anopheles namibiensis Coetzee 1984 Anopheles paludis Theobald 1900 Anopheles symesi Edwards 1928 Anopheles tenebrosus Donitz 1902 Anopheles ziemanni Grunberg 1902 Group Hyrcanus (Reid 1953) Anopheles anthropophagus Xu and Feng 1975 Anopheles argyropus Swellengrebel 1914 Anopheles belenrae Rueda 2005 Anopheles changfus Ma 1981 Anopheles chodukini Martini 1929 Anopheles dazhaius Ma 1981 Anopheles engarensis Kanda & Oguma 1978 Anopheles hailarensis Xu JinJiang & Luo XinFu 1998 Anopheles heiheensis Ma 1981 Anopheles hyrcanus* Pallas 1771 Anopheles junlianensis Lei 1996 Anopheles kiangsuensis Xu and Feng 1975 Anopheles kleini Rueda 2005 Anopheles kummingensis Dong & Wang 1985 Anopheles kweiyangensis Yao & Wu 1944 Anopheles liangshanensis Kang Tan Cao Cheng Yang & Huang 1984 Anopheles nimpe Nguyen, Tran & Harbach Anopheles pseudopictus Graham 1899 Anopheles pullus Yamada 1937 Anopheles sinensis* Wiedemann 1828 Anopheles sineroides Yamada 1924 Anopheles xiaokuanus Ma 1981 Anopheles xui Dong, Zhou, Dong & Mao 2007 Anopheles yatsushiroensis Miyazaki 1951 Subgroup Lesteri (Harrison 1972) Anopheles crawfordi Reid 1953 Anopheles kiangsuensis Xu & Feng 1975 Anopheles lesteri de Meillon 1931 Anopheles paraliae Sandosham 1959 Anopheles peditaeniatus Leicester 1908 Anopheles vietnamensis Manh Hinh & Vien 1993 Subgroup Nigerrimus (Harrison 1972) Anopheles nigerrimus* Giles 1900 Anopheles nitidus Harrison, Scanlon & Reid 1973 Anopheles pseudosinensis Baisas 1935 Anopheles pursati Laveran 1902 Group Umbrosus (Reid 1950) Anopheles brevipalpis Roper 1914 Anopheles brevirostris Reid 1950 Anopheles hunteri Strickland 1916 Anopheles samarensis Rozeboom 1951 Anopheles similissimus Strickland & Chowdhury 1927 Subgroup Baezai (Rattanarithikul et al.
  • TEAS Thursday is the great day for teas and parties.
  • TENN Mrs. H. M. Porter, Box Books, for Sherwood, Tenn.

14 words made from the letters tean

3 letter words made from tean:

tea, ent, ane, eta, eat, tan, ant, ten, ate, net.

4 letter words made from tean:

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