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How to spell TEARN correctly?

If you have been misspelling "tearn", fret not, as there are correct suggestions to rectify the error. One possible alternative is "tear", which signifies ripping something apart. Alternatively, you may have intended to type "turn", indicating a change in direction or position. Remember to proofread and choose the correct word before finalizing your text.

List of suggestions on how to spell tearn correctly

  • darn I need to mend that darn hole in my shirt.
  • dean The dean of students welcomed the new freshmen to the university at the orientation program.
  • Deann My niece is Deann.
  • dear
  • earn I work hard every day to earn a decent living.
  • learn
  • near
  • stern The captain had a stern expression on his face as he reprimanded the crew for their behavior.
  • tan After spending several hours at the beach, Maria got a nice, even tan.
  • tar The roads were freshly covered in black tar to fill in the potholes.
  • tarn The tarn was so clear that you could see the fish swimming at the bottom.
  • tea I like to drink tea in the evenings.
  • tea urn
  • tear
  • tearing
  • tears She wiped away her tears of joy after receiving the news.
  • teary Her eyes got teary as she watched her favorite movie scene.
  • teen As a teenager or teen, I always enjoyed spending time with my friends.
  • tehran
  • ten
  • TENN
  • tern The tern chick waited patiently for its parent to return with a fresh catch from the sea.
  • terns Terns are a type of seabirds that are known for their graceful flight and sharp diving abilities.
  • Terran Terran humans are the dominant species on planet Earth.
  • torn She was torn between staying with her boyfriend or accepting her dream job in another city.
  • Tran
  • turn I need to turn the page of the book to continue reading.
  • yearn I yearn for a camping trip in the woods.

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