Correct spelling for TECHNICTION

We think the word techniction is a misspelling. It could be just an incorrect spelling of the words which are suggested below. Review the list and pick the word which you think is the most suitable.

Possible correct spellings for techniction

  • definition The lack of critical discussion, the lack of definition and true appreciation of its possibilities lead naturally to such a confused situation.
  • depiction Canis Minor was one of the original 48 constellations formulated by Ptolemy in his second-century Almagest, in which it was defined as a specific pattern (asterism) of stars; Ptolemy identified only two stars and hence no depiction was possible.
  • machination By dint of daring, fortunate machination, and the cooeperation of a quartermaster sergeant whom he took into his confidence, he watered the American horse, fed him with a heavy feed of very salt corn, and later watered him again.
  • mechanization The mechanization of economics had become a common possession for everybody.
  • technical Even Marcellus was more disposed to avoid all technical terms than to lay stress on those which the council sanctioned.
  • technicality OFFICE HOLDING: The clause in the constitution of 1879 that made women eligible to school offices was inoperative on account of some technicality, which in 1894 Mrs. Helen Behrens, a member of the Portia Club, succeeded in having removed.
  • technically Technically, Mike had used the perfectly well-known trick of an oxygen lance to pierce the airlock door, let the air out of the lock, and so allow the outer door to be opened.
  • technician Certified Anesthesia Technician (Cer.
  • technicolor Aladdin and His Wonderful Lamp is a two-reel animated cartoon short subject in the Popeye Color Specials series, produced in Technicolor and released to theaters on April 7, 1939, by Paramount Pictures.
  • termination At nine o'clock on that evening irregular discharges of musketry were heard in our rear apparently extending a mile up the river, and continuing until near the termination of the cannonade.
  • truncation Censoring should not be confused with the related idea truncation.
  • technicians Burl left the room in company with three technicians who had come in. They took him to the medical office at the base and there he was given a complete check.
  • on-campus The construction of a modern new on-campus stadium which held over 30,000 in attendance was an outstanding improvement for the Bulldogs, who saw drastic increases in attendance and alumni support.

349 words made from the letters techniction

4 letter words made from techniction:

hoti, eiht, eini, coin, hioi, nice, chon, iton, onni, itch, ento, cite, teti, chie, itoh, toci, teoh, icon, hone, nieh, enoh, ohne, nein, thot, inti, tite, etch, thoi, hnin, tecn, hito, nhot, choe, iteh, hice, nine, onne, onen, tent, noce, once, noch, heon, oche, echt, note, thin, ninh, nett, othe, enic, thit, neon, cone, thet, nohn, choi, echo, toit, tone, otic, chin, hiei, thie, chii, tine, tehn, nito, none, tihn, nith, choc, nhon, henn, tion, thio, tint, tote, iott, chic, nehn, coch, itoi, ithe, toti, hinn, hino, noth, cohn, thon, eich, etto, hoei, ecto, htet, toei, ncoh, neoh, titi, iino, coen, cech, conn, tinh, toch, itno, tohn, then, tech, ecct, otti, tito, iten, hint, cote, inch, cnnc, noen, inec, chit, teth, cent, cenn.

5 letter words made from techniction:

hoenn, ontic, octet, tonne, choen, henni, cenon, coche, nicht, occhi, theic, niton, henin, niche, thien, nccih, thint, iinet, tenco, techo, tochi, titch, itten, oichi, cicio, teito, thone, nichi, tieon, cenci, tinio, totec, tenth, citie, nicot, hotic, nitto, choti, nieto, itoen, tinct, theni, nicin, tenon, ninti, hotin, tithe, noche, tocci, tihic, niten, ennio, tecno, conti, tonci, echoi, tonic, henio, innit, titin, toein, ictic, chini, inion, iceni, titon, iteco, notti, ninth, cecin, thoen, conen, centi, nocht, inite, chico, tenno, intoe, cotch, noeth, oncet, nicen, entin, nohit, hotte, einon, ethic, chine, einin, nonce, nthin, etich, thiet, cotti, conne, chien, nihei, cotte, cetti, teich, chiti, necon, cinct, otten, hotei, ecchi, nitch, tothe, notin, cothi, netco, hecco, tinti, ionic, othet, notte, toine, noten, chinn, cheon, heino, thioe, innie, notch, nicho, cione, necci, hecto, conic, oicic, tench, inthe, chino, othin, nocte, tchen, tonen, onnie, neith, enitt, cioni, nicon, oneth, ethno, chott, thion, cenco, chone, cient, ethio, chein, onthe, tithi, cnote, ethin, nithe, hinte, toten, tiein, cochi, hitti, cetto, noite, nihon, ecton, tineh, heiti, tonti, cinci, conch, nitti, cinch, hiten, cinto, ihnen, chito, tinch, tonin, totin, heico, ntini, ethoi.

3 letter words made from techniction:

icc, cot, hoe, ceo, ecc, het, inh, ton, chi, nec, tie, hie, cio, eon, neo, ten, tho, tec, ect, hin, tit, ent, con, toe, one, ion, inn, tic, otc, hot, not, etc, tnt, ice, tin, nth, tot, nne, thc, hen, nit, net, oct, tet.

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