Correct spelling for TECNITION

We think the word tecnition is a misspelling. It could be just an incorrect spelling of the words which are suggested below. Review the list and pick the word which you think is the most suitable. For your convenience, we put a usage example below each word

Possible correct spellings for tecnition

  • Detonation(Definition of detonation)
  • Her fingers had tightened on the reins, when the silence was suddenly broken, and, with a swift hiss, a streak of light cut through the darkness skyward, paused a moment, and then, with a muffled detonation, burst into globes of light which floated downward.

  • Cognition(Definition of cognition)
  • But at all events to conceive reality as absolute in the sense of being totally unrelated to mind, and then to ask: is reality so transformed in the very process of cognition that the mind cannot possibly apprehend it or represent it as it really is?

  • Technician(Definition of technician)
  • Inside the booth dr. shalt, colonel meadows and a technician watched crawford performing in pantomime and listened to the strange vibrations emanating from the speaker.

  • Decoration(Definition of decoration)
  • These pictures of paolo veronese were really great pieces of decoration, very wonderful in their way, but showing already that art was sinking lower instead of rising higher.

  • Donation(Definition of donation)
  • We end the story of the anglo-saxon books with a mention of leofric, the first bishop of exeter, who gave a magnificent donation out of his own library to the cathedral church.

  • Detention(Definition of detention)
  • The tower of london, the eyrie of dumbarton castle, even fort william itself, were named as possible places of detention.

  • Termination(Definition of termination)
  • With the new turn which was given to the course of his life by his betrothal to martha savory, it is not surprising that he should have considered his residence abroad to be brought, in the order of divine providence, to a natural termination, and that he now turned his attention to taking up his abode again in his native land.

  • Carnation(Definition of carnation)
  • Then, catching pierre by the shoulder so suddenly that his red carnation tottered and nearly fell, she exclaimed: you mischievous boy!

  • Tension(Definition of tension)
  • The threads of fate are in the hands of a few diplomatists at berlin and london-a turn of the wrist, and there is tension which a breath can turn either way.

  • Gentian(Definition of gentian)
  • In worship mystically sweet the rimy asters at my feet and spiring gentian bells that burn blue incense in an azure urn breathe softly from the aspiring sod: this is our utmost.

  • Diction(Definition of diction)
  • His innovations were twofold, in subject-matter, and in diction.

  • Stagnation(Definition of stagnation)
  • This evil, for it was an evil, resulted from the political stagnation in a country where one dominant permanent issue overshadowed all others.

  • Taxation(Definition of taxation)
  • M.a. 121. land, industry, and taxation by frederick verinder.

  • Declination(Definition of declination)
  • Declination of star is 45" 55' n. required longitude in.

  • Ignition(Definition of ignition)
  • For years and decades the gleam of that spiritual ignition endured there.

  • Tunisian(Definition of tunisian)
  • The walls were hung with tunisian silks and embroidered stuffs from the homes of jewish families, where they had served as screens for talismanic words too sacred to be seen by common eyes; and there was drapery of ancient banners, tyrian-dyed, whose gold or silver fringes had been stained with blood, in battle.

  • Definition(Definition of definition)
  • To obtain a definition of the attribute, we must analyse the phenomenon into these parts.

210 words made from the letters tecnition

4 letter words made from tecnition:

5 letter words made from tecnition:

iteco, cotte, ennio, tinio, cinto, noite, nicot, oncet, einon, totin, nicin, cetti, cient, cione, tenon, tenno, notte, nocte, noten, nitti, ninti, centi, titon, totec, tonen, nieto, tonti, enitt, cenon, titin, entin, intoe, toten, tonci, iceni, conti, cotti, inite, notin, nicon, tonic, teito, inion, tonne, conen, necon, netco, otten, nonce, tecno, innie, toein, ontic, conne, ntini, cetto, onnie, citie, tiein, tonin, innit, niten, octet, itoen, cnote, ecton, tenco, tieon, cioni, itten, notti, einin, tinct, nitto, toine, ionic, iinet, tinti, niton, nicen.

3 letter words made from tecnition:

nec, con, tec, net, eon, one, nne, cio, ton, nit, inn, cot, ion, oct, neo, tot, tin, not, otc, ice, tet, toe, tie, etc, tit, ent, ect, ten, tic, tnt, ceo.

6 letter words made from tecnition:

nottie, niceto, econit, tinton, tonini, tenino, tionne, otitic, niotic, nocent, encino, ciento, octine, notice, cottin, noetic, incite, intone, cineon, coeini, ticino, nectin, tecton, intent, titone, tintic, incent, itoite, neotic, notite, tinnie, ciotti, nition, tintin, eciton.

7 letter words made from tecnition:

content, contine, contini, intento, nonetti, connett, tonetic, nection, inconie, tontine, ticotin.