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How to spell TEER correctly?

If you meant to type "teer" but made a misspelling, the correct suggestion could be "tear". "Tear" refers to the act of ripping something apart or the liquid that comes out of our eyes when we cry. Double-checking your spelling ensures the intended meaning is conveyed clearly.

List of suggestions on how to spell teer correctly

  • beer
  • deer
  • e'er I shall love thee e'er more.
  • jeer The audience started to jeer after the comedian made an offensive joke.
  • leer Before the hearing began, the lawyer gave a leer to the witness.
  • ne'er
  • peer
  • seer The seer claimed to possess magical powers that allowed him to see into the future.
  • steer I had to learn how to steer the sailboat in order to avoid crashing it into other boats.
  • tear
  • tee He hit the ball off the tee and it landed in the rough.
  • Teed I teed up the ball for him to hit.
  • teem The river below seemed to teem with fish.
  • teen My cousin is a teen and she is doing great in school.
  • TEES I need to buy some new tees for my summer wardrobe.
  • TERR
  • tier The wedding cake was topped with a single small tier.
  • veer

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