Correct spelling for TELLT

We think the word tellt is a misspelling. It could be just an incorrect spelling of the words which are suggested below. Review the list and pick the word which you think is the most suitable. For your convenience, we put a usage example below each word

Possible correct spellings for tellt

  • Telnet
  • Zoc is a popular computer-based terminal emulator and telnet software client for the microsoft windows and apple macintosh macos operating systems that supports telnet, modem, ssh 1 and 2, isdn, serial, tapi, rlogin and other means of communication.

  • Delft
  • Both halves of the book, in which ever since the wedding at delft he had written a succession of verses to maria, lay in his hand.

  • Ailings
  • In the early part of my student career i was behind a drug-counter, where i had ample experience in putting up prescriptions, and had an excellent opportunity to measure medical men as revealed in their formulas and the results in many cases in which failure was the rule in chronic ailings; and i was not encouraged to abuse myself through the results as revealed by any form of medication.

  • Tull
  • 0 km2) of land including bauxite, tull and nearby saline county and grant county communities.

  • Teat
  • 3� to describe in the most accurate manner the way the foetus clings to the teat.

  • Welt
  • Blood oozed from a long cut on his forehead at the roots of his hair, and on top of his head she noticed a welt the size of a door knob.

  • Belt
  • If confederate creek-this was the stream above the mouth, in the heart of the belt mountains.

  • Delta
  • She introduced me to the marquis augustino grimaldi delta pietra, her 'cicisbeoin-chief' during the long absence of her husband, who lived at lisbon.

  • Pellet
  • On the instant, as the vapour secreted in the broken pellet gained access to the air, he fell forward on to his face.

  • Celt
  • The larger tumuli, whether belonging to celt or roman, usually stand alone, or in groups of not more than two or three, and were the monuments of distinguished people; whereas the saxon barrows form a regular cemetery, each group being the common burying-place of the people in the district.

  • Pelt
  • On grand occasions he supplemented this by a short address, in the course of which he would pelt his frightened audience with hard jagged texts until he had reduced them to a fitting state of spiritual misery.

  • Tally
  • When he turned out of his sleeper in the early morning at agua caliente station, car naught-seven had been thrown in on a siding a little farther up the line, and ormsby recognized the burly person of the governor and the florid face and pursy figure of the receiver, in the group of men crossing from the private car to the waiting inn tally-ho.

  • Tolled
  • As one approaches the monastery he hears the regular sounds of a bell tolled by a water-wheel, reminding the faithful of buddha's law.

  • Told
  • I told him yes.

  • Tells
  • "mr. rymer tells me spiritualism is all nonsense.

  • Till
  • I thought i would wait till you came to talk it over with mother.

  • Telly
  • Especially with me and every telly reporter and fracas-buff magazine we've bribed yelling for it.

  • Tel
  • When i arrived at tel-el kebirs' camp, the jewish camp, was an accomplished fact.

  • Tilt
  • Her lips formed a scarlet line, and there was a how-dare-you-sir tilt to nose and chin.

  • Delete
  • Blot, v. stain, spot, blur, blemish, sully, disgrace, tarnish, dishonor; efface, erase, delete, obliterate, expunge; obscure, eclipse.

  • Dell
  • Very distinct, too, are the tracks-traffic, the keeper calls them-leading by sundry well-trodden paths to the dell below-a nice sunny dell, facing south-west, where in spring the violets and primroses grow among the spreading elder.

  • Dolt
  • Are you a monk-monger into the bargain, as well as a dolt?

  • Toll
  • In crossing the bridge to battersea, i was called upon to pay toll, and was informed, that this bridge is private property.

  • Tet
  • Bolster received seven battle stars for her korean war service (9 september 1950 – 6 july 1951, 24 january-16 august 1952, and 16 february-15 april 1953); north korean aggression communist china aggression first un counter offensive communist china spring offensive second korean winter korean defense summer-fall 1952 korea summer-fall 1953 bolster received eleven campaign stars for vietnam war service: vietnamese counteroffensive vietnamese counteroffensive - phase ii tet counteroffensive tet 69/counteroffensive vietnam summer-fall 1969 vietnam winter-summer 1970 sanctuary counteroffensive vietnamese counteroffensive - phase vii consolidation i consolidation ii vietnam ceasefire bolster’s crew was eligible for the following medals, ribbons, and commendations: secretary of the navy letter of commendation combat action ribbon (3) navy meritorious unit commendation american campaign medal asiatic-pacific campaign medal world war ii victory medal navy occupation service medal (with asia clasp) national defense service medal (2) korean service medal (7) vietnam service medal (11) republic of vietnam gallantry cross unit citation (2) united nations service medal republic of vietnam campaign medal republic of korea war service medal (retroactive)

  • Teller
  • But, while she was yet a child, a great fortune-teller told me that my daughter would marry a fisherman.

  • Toilet
  • By the time bob had opened the door frank stood beside jack, completing a sketchy toilet by tucking shirt into trousers.

  • Dealt
  • At first the police authorities dealt with the assembly in the ordinary manner, a more or less sufficient force being told off for the duty of keeping the thoroughfare clear.

  • Test
  • The boy decided to test this out by bringing up the subject a little later in the journey.

  • Tent
  • Picking his way among the teepees, he advanced to his own tent.

  • Felt
  • "you needn't tell me how you felt, pauline.

  • Tell
  • Now, i'll tell you what i'll do.

  • Teal
  • The green-winged teal, like the widgeon, feeds a great deal on the plains and in the fields.

  • Tall
  • Everything was ready, and all eyes were gazing on the clear sky, which appeared in glimpses amidst the tall trees.

  • Tilled
  • Clearings became well-tilled farms.

  • Della
  • The hunchback from via della marmorata was there, and began telling him amidst her tears that the old priest had confessed; and would have liked to tell him all her gratitude, had not those behind her pushed her away, and taken her from the sight of him for ever.

  • Melt
  • She did not know what had befallen her, or whether, in the excess of happiness which overwhelmed her, to shout aloud in her exultant joy, or melt into silent tears of gratitude and emotion.

  • Tulle
  • And it was a very foxy move on your part, to have yourself painted in just that soft swirl of blue tulle.

5 words made from the letters tellt

3 letter words made from tellt:

tet, let, ell.

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