Correct spelling for TEMPETAURE

We think the word tempetaure is a misspelling. It could be just an incorrect spelling of the words which are suggested below. Review the list and pick the word which you think is the most suitable. For your convenience, we put a usage example below each word

Possible correct spellings for tempetaure

  • Tampered
  • Though he would not drink he smelt and tasted samples of the wine, which, apparently, had not been tampered with in any way.

  • Temporary
  • All that remained of it now was part of the temporary carriage, and a small under-portion of the muzzle.

  • Tempera
  • Madonna with child is a tempera painting by italian renaissance painter sandro botticelli, dating to c.

  • Tempt
  • "please don't tempt me," tom said with a laugh.

  • Tempered
  • He's rather an ill-tempered horse."

  • Temptress
  • Because if you can be tempted by the glitter of gold reliance cannot be placed upon you. and again it must be asked of the man-is there any temptress who can wind you about her fingers, overcome your conscientious scruples, wrest from you the secret you ought to keep and make you break your covenant with god, even as delilah overcame samson?

  • Temperate
  • But the chief consul is said to be temperate, almost to abstemiousness; he rises from table in less than half an hour; and that mode is now almost universal in paris, especially among the great men in office.

  • Tempters
  • 22 then, with an angry threat that they would do him harm, the wily tempters left, and jesus was again alone.

  • Temperature
  • 123, 179; temperature of, ii.

  • Tempter
  • These are the opportunities of the tempter; they do not constitute the temptation itself, which comes from a hidden and objective source.

311 words made from the letters tempetaure

5 letter words made from tempetaure:

paret, metre, rempt, paume, tepee, teera, mtera, turma, preta, marut, putta, auret, arttu, arute, ameer, eamer, trapt, peret, mattu, rempe, autre, mpret, meare, putar, rutte, utter, retem, traut, arete, turme, rutae, ramee, tempt, murta, tramp, auter, teatr, meret, mater, temur, paree, pater, ramet, upter, treat, tamer, terem, peate, muter, puett, emeer, matte, emeap, merta, pattu, remet, mutta, atete, peaer, ature, petru, pruta, petta, petur, urate, pamer, emert, teuta, etter, patre, temer, mateu, apter, parem, prate, ratte, perea, tetra, taupe, rapee, treme, uteem, ameet, amrep, treta, eater, empta, tater, treue, puree, tuart, trema, teare, ermua, rupee, treet, aurem, tetum, ptere, taper, treut, trate, petee, apure, ureae, teter, tatum, prete, tamur, pareu, tempa, etete, erupt, armee, peter, rupam, putte, autem, meter, tatem, armet, retum, peare, teemu, emure, trump, teper, puter, etree, tutee, uttar, matru, praet, mutat, amrut, reate, treem, amper, ratee, reema, tarte, terme, ruete, mauer, attur.

3 letter words made from tempetaure:

mat, trm, arm, rep, ert, rap, rue, ter, mar, tea, ear, apr, art, pre, ape, arp, tap, epa, atp, eat, mut, tar, map, per, ate, rem, pee, rpm, ram, era, uta, tee, rut, tum, apt, tat, tau, rum, ret, tet, par, ute, pat, uma, tam, pea, ump, put, are, eta, emu, atm, rat, tup, amp, pet.

4 letter words made from tempetaure:

prum, peer, ratu, puta, tree, mare, uper, tuam, mate, peut, uate, auer, reap, murt, pute, aupe, raup, true, pate, tera, ramp, aper, teat, etau, pure, perm, peru, tart, mute, trap, epae, taue, temu, ruea, prae, turp, pert, tuer, arum, tamp, raum, rute, tupa, puma, term, peat, reum, urea, uram, etre, tram, tepe, taut, upma, pare, tate, mutt, reup, taee, pram, ruam, teem, tarp, rape, eure, amur, atum, mart, rupe, tape, epee, prut, prau, rump, ruta, meet, rapt, rate, maru, tatu, treu, eter, meta, tute, ramu, tear, putt, team, part, rete, muar, meat, trat, matt, tame, ture, raut, tare, raue, puea, tapu, mere, tetu, temp, rutt, pear, prat, ream, peur, umea.