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How to spell TEMPID correctly?

The correct spelling for "tempid" is "tempered". It means having a mild or moderate temperature or having a calm and controlled temperament. Other possible correct suggestions for the misspelling "tempid" may include "tempo", "tempest", "temple" or "tempted", depending on the context in which the word is used.

List of suggestions on how to spell tempid correctly

  • Tamped After filling the hole with soil, he tamped it down with his foot to make sure it was secure.
  • temp I need to adjust the temp on the thermostat.
  • TEMPE Tempe is a city in the state of Arizona, United States.
  • temped She was temped by the prospect of a new job.
  • temper She has a quick temper and often loses her cool at the slightest annoyance.
  • tempo She set the tempo for the party by arriving early.
  • Temps The temps dropped drastically overnight, causing frost to form on the ground.
  • tempt
  • Tempted The sun was glaring and the temperature was hot, but I couldn't help being tempted to take a walk.
  • tempts The aroma of fresh-baked cookies tempts me to indulge in a few more than I should.
  • tepid I found the tea cool and tepid.
  • timid I'm usually the life of the party, but I'm feeling a little timid today.
  • torpid The Reptiles were very torpid in their behavior.
  • tumid The room was quite tumid with the air conditioner on full blast.

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