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How to spell TEMPING correctly?

If you find yourself mistakenly typing "temping" instead of the correct word, "tempting", don't worry, it happens to the best of us! Suggestions to avoid this error include: double-checking while typing, using spell-check features or learning the correct spelling through practice and exposure.

List of suggestions on how to spell temping correctly

  • Damping The company installed damping materials to reduce the noise and vibrations coming from the machines.
  • Deming Deming's philosophy of continuous improvement is widely followed in the field of quality management.
  • dumping
  • Stamping She was stamping her feet to keep warm in the bitter cold.
  • stomping The sound of the heavy boots stomping on the floor echoed through the hallway.
  • stumping The politician was stumping throughout the state, giving speeches and shaking hands.
  • Taming Taming a wild horse is not an easy task.
  • Tamping He was tamping the soil down firmly around the newly planted seedlings.
  • taping I am taping the edges of the painting before framing it.
  • Teaming Our teaming options can accommodate just about any need.
  • teeming The coral reefs were teeming with colorful marine life.
  • tempering The metal had to undergo a process of tempering to increase its strength and durability.
  • tempting The cake on the counter was so tempting that I couldn't resist taking a slice.
  • Terming
  • timing
  • tramping After tramping through the dense forest for several hours, we finally arrived at the remote cabin.
  • tromping I could hear my little brother tromping up the stairs with his heavy boots on.
  • trumping The new information about the case is definitely trumping the previous assumptions.
  • typing I am doing some typing.

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