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How to spell TEMRED correctly?

If you've accidentally spelled "temred" instead of "tempered", fear not! Autocorrect may not have caught it, but I've got you covered. The correct spelling is "tempered", meaning something has been strengthened or made more resilient. Don't worry, we all make typos sometimes!

List of suggestions on how to spell temred correctly

  • Bemired After running through the muddy fields, the children returned home bemired and covered in dirt.
  • tamed The lion was tamed by the trainer and became a popular attraction at the circus.
  • Tamped He tamped down the soil around the newly planted flowers to ensure they would stay upright.
  • Tared I tared the scale before weighing the flour.
  • Tarred The tent had been tarred before, but this time it was coming apart.
  • Teamed
  • Teemed All of the birds in the forest teemed together.
  • temped I am temped to buy that dress, but I shouldn't spend all my money on clothes.
  • tempered He gave me a tempered response when I told him the bad news.
  • tenured Tenured professors at the university have a lifetime tenure.
  • Termed
  • tiered The wedding cake was a tall, tiered creation with intricate frosting designs.
  • timed The timed competition began promptly at 9:00 AM.
  • tired
  • Tombed The ancient pharaohs were often tombed with lavish treasures and offerings.
  • Toured Last summer, I toured around Europe for two months and it was the best experience of my life.

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