Correct spelling for TEPRATURE

We think the word teprature is a misspelling. It could be just an incorrect spelling of the words which are suggested below. Review the list and pick the word which you think is the most suitable.

Possible correct spellings for teprature

  • departure If only she would take her departure at once, they could perhaps manage to rush up to the lantern room before the second bell rang.
  • depilatory An hour or more is occupied by the process of plaiting the hair and applying the depilatory, etc.; and generally an equal time is passed in the enjoyment of rest or recreation or refreshment.
  • deprecatory She confessed to no more specific thought, but as she descended the stairs to bid farewell to the blushing and deprecatory Britons, she was eager to have it over with, and to come to speech with her beetle man, who had so strangely flamed into action.
  • portraiture We have another fine self-portraiture in the Garden of Love,-a group of lords and ladies in a delicious pleasance where the greatest seigneur is Peter Paul Rubens and the finest lady is Helen Forman.
  • tapestry The bed loomed mysteriously in one corner with its baldachin of Gobelin tapestry.
  • temperature The temperature of the body does not vary much from 99 degrees F., any excess of heat passing off through perspiration, and being changed into other forms of energy.
  • territory Carefully and with painstaking accuracy he showed Gabriel how the plant now embraced more than two square miles of territory around the Falls, all guarded by tremendous barricades mounting machine-guns and search-lights.

208 words made from the letters teprature

3 letter words made from teprature:

eta, ear, apr, ert, rut, tup, ute, tea, par, err, arp, rue, rap, tet, pee, ape, pet, per, art, rat, pea, ret, ate, pat, tap, tat, era, ter, put, tar, are, pre, uta, tee, rep, tau, eat, apt, atp, epa.

4 letter words made from teprature:

putt, peer, prae, tatu, etre, prat, raut, aper, peur, eter, pare, puea, tree, tear, pear, reup, epae, rapt, urea, taue, tetu, ruea, tepe, rate, pute, true, uper, peat, tuer, rute, teat, ratu, rear, rurp, rape, aupe, part, auer, prau, trat, etau, taee, ruta, rete, raup, reap, treu, uate, ruer, prut, tarp, tupa, purr, turp, parr, rutt, taut, rupe, ture, eure, tape, tart, pure, peru, pert, puta, pate, tare, tapu, tute, raue, tate, trap, tera, rare, peut.

5 letter words made from teprature:

petta, auret, raree, tutee, taupe, reate, putta, parer, purer, tuart, peate, arttu, treet, traut, teter, pareu, peaer, patre, teera, teuta, treat, ruter, raper, ruete, praet, treut, eater, rutte, arete, upter, truer, petur, arere, teare, pruer, traer, urrea, rutae, apter, errtu, taper, puett, puree, perre, putar, ature, pater, prate, autre, rupee, arrue, etter, teper, urate, tetra, preta, tarte, apure, prete, treta, trate, trapt, ratte, utter, arute, peter, attur, teatr, puter, putte, perea, ptere, paree, peret, peare, rapee, parur, petru, turre, ureae, perur, rauer, auter, ratee, pruta, treue, erupt, tater, pattu, uttar, atete, paret.

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