Correct spelling for TF

We think the word tf is a misspelling. It could be just an incorrect spelling of the words which are suggested below. Review the list and pick the word which you think is the most suitable.

Possible correct spellings for tf

  • ft 1956, and 3117 ft.
  • hf TROYAN, adj. Trojan, HF. 207; s. L. 933, 1172, 1211, 1265; Troyane, pl. T. i. 145. See TROIAN, TROYENS.
  • rf January 20: Baltimore Orioles signed free agent RF Mark Trumbo.
  • ta So the captain hurried back to Jamestown, and Ma-ta-oka returned to her people.
  • tc tc[)i]legi nacas[)i]c[)a]'ni-this term is also applied to the smoke-hole stick, as in the case of the lintel above.
  • te Scire tuum nihil est nisi te scire, hoc sciat alter.
  • th They are riding slowly in from troop-drill, the battalion commander and a pet of his, Mr. Ray, of the -th Cavalry.
  • ti I was savin' it till we'd get home to yo' dear motheh, but yo' ti-ud an' I don't think of anything else an'-the fact is, I'm bringing home a present faw you."
  • tl The chief differences between Nicaraguan and pure Nahuatl were, that the former changed the double consonant tl into t, or dropped it altogether; that the c, ch and q were confounded; that, in the conjugation, they dropped the prefix tla, which in pure Nahuatl is employed to indicate that the inanimate object of the verb is not expressed; that certain terminal consonants, as x, were dropped; and apparently that the sounds of s and r, not known to the tongue in its purity, were introduced.
  • tm Where useful comparisons can be made, a few pictures and contemporary maps from Google Earth (TM) have been inserted.
  • tn The jaw is cut through on the left side and is turned over to the right, thus bringing into view the roof of the mouth, m, and the dorsal side of the tongue, tn. At the same time the pharynx, ph, and the wide anterior end of the oesophagus, oe, are cut open, exposing the glottis, gs, and vocal cords, vc.
  • tv Peru 6 major television networks of which only one, Television Nacional de Peru, is state-owned; multi-channel cable TV services are available; more than 500 radio stations including a substantial number of indigenous language stations (2007)
  • tx R TX Hutchison, Kay Bailey 1-202-224-5922 1-202-224-0776 283 RSOB senator@hutchison.
  • If Go if you like!"
  • Of 43. Pietro of Abano, p.
  • T T. 131, 132: Polyporus caudicinus Schroeter, Cohn's Krypt.
  • Ty It-I-I don't know any one word to describe it, unless it is turn-out-well-a-bil-i-ty.
  • Tu 5. Longius sed tu fuge curiosus Caeteras laudes fuge suspicari, Caeteras culpas fuge velle tractas Sede tremenda.
  • AF election results: percent of vote by party - NA; seats by party - AF 41, MMM 18, MR 2, MSF 1; appointed seats - to be assigned 8
  • BF Suppose a base line AB measured parallel to the thread of the stream, and let the mean cross section of the stream be ascertained either by sounding the terminal cross sections AE, BF, or by sounding a series of equidistant cross sections.
  • CF 2, 21, Roma domusque subit, desideriumque locorum; cf.
  • SF John the Baptist Church (Romanian: Biserica NaÈ™terea Sf.
  • TD Charles River Dam The 1978 Charles River Dam, located behind the TD Garden, controls the water level in the river basin.
  • TR Weeth us we haf men that know that tr-rail.
  • F 14. Oppeln-Bronikowski, F. von.
  • FF 3, 182 ff, 191 ff.
  • PF Sweetbreads in the Berlin markets were about 1 mark 10 pf.
  • TS I could not endure the coming together of the same or similar sounds,-ds and ts, for example, or vs and fs,-and wrote some pages or paragraphs at least forty or fifty times over to prevent this, and thereby sacrificed all freedom and naturalness.
  • VF Typical air group composition aboard the Yorktown Class carriers, at the beginning of World War II, consisted of approximately 72 aircraft: 1 fighter squadron (VF) composed of 18 Grumman F4F Wildcats 1 bombing squadron (VB) composed of 18 Douglas SBD Dauntless dive bombers 1 scouting squadron (VS) composed of 18 Douglas SBD Dauntless dive bombers 1 torpedo squadron (VT) composed of 18 Douglas TBD Devastator or Grumman TBF/TBM Avenger torpedo bombers During the course of the war in the Pacific, the compositions of the air groups changed drastically.
  • NF election results: percent of vote by party - NA%; seats by party - NF 33, MC 10, DNP 2000 3, DA '91 2, PVF 2, PALU 1

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