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How to spell THANKE correctly?

If you accidentally misspell the word "thanke", don't worry! There are several correct suggestions to replace it with. You can use "thank", "think", "thane" or "thanks". Double-check your spelling to ensure clarity and avoid confusion.

List of suggestions on how to spell thanke correctly

  • hank I grabbed hold of the hank of rope to pull the boat to the dock.
  • hanker
  • hankie She wiped her eyes with the hankie she pulled from her pocket.
  • tank The soldiers rode in a large tank during the battle.
  • tanker The tanker was empty and needed to be refilled.
  • Than
  • thane The thane was a wealthy landowner in medieval Scotland.
  • thanes King Thanes declared war on the neighboring kingdom.
  • thank
  • Thanked After we finished our maze, I thanked my children for their hard work.
  • thanks Thanks for the present.
  • Thine "Take this bread, for it is thine to enjoy," said the host to his guest.
  • think I think I will take a raincheck on that dinner tonight.
  • thinker
  • thunk

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